twenty eighth - how could we go to new york and not go to a fashion show? with help from chloe's mom, all the zbz's have scored front row seats to a sneak preview of marc jacob's spring 2011 collection. so put on your pumps and get ready to scope out everything you'll soon need.

We were sitting in the living room around the Christmas tree, in a giant circle. The Rockwell's had put off their gift exchange until everyone was at home, and finally, with the arrivial of Keegan Rockwell, everyone was there. The room was packed, and I knew it wasn't just the fire burning that was making me hot. It was a combination of all the people, and my slight insecurity. I wasn't used to this family camraderie, or families this size. I even made a mental list of who was who.

Sisters; Charlotte (23, Grad Student at Columbia), Noah (14, Kieryn's Twin), Kieryn (14, Noah's Twin)
Brothers; Andrew (17, Senior at Buckley Prep), Keegan (21, Senior at Yale), Johnathan (25, Investment Banker)
Extras; Jenn or Jane (Keegan's Fiance', Waitress), Kevin (Charlotte's Husband, Theater Manager)

The extras weren't too important to me, but I figured they deserved to be added to the list. The past two days had gone by quickly. Noah and Kieryn had spent all morning showing me around the house and teaching me where to sneak out if I ever needed to (its crazy how much kids know these days. they even diagramed where the security cameras didn't have coverage). And yesterday, Grace had taken the liberty of escorting me to the guest room, carefully pointing out how much everything cost. The boys said their hellos and goodbyes to me, spending the majority of their time together, playing video games.
After the gift exchange, everyone was dissmissed to do as they pleases, as long as they didn't leave the property. Thats how Grace referred to it- the property. "Holl, I want to take you somewhere." Cody whispered in my ear as everyone began to seperate. He grabbed my hand and led me down a side hallway, up a staircase, and into a darkened room.
"Code, I don't know what kind of kinky stuff you had planned, but-" He kissed me to shut me up.
"Holly, can you shut that mouth for two seconds please?" He pressed a button on the wall and the ceiling gave way to a huge sheet of plexi-glass. Through it, the stars outside illuminated the room. I glanced around and saw a lot of discarded furniture and boxes. We must have been in the attic.
"This is amazing." I was speechless. It was beautiful. He led us to a patch of blankets in the middle of the floor and we both sat down. I leaned back and settled into Cody's arms. "You must have taken all of your high school girlfriends here, huh?"
"No, none of that. You're the only girl that has ever been invited to my spaceship."
"Spaceship?" I giggled.
"Yeah. We had this house built when I was seven, and I called this my spaceship," He laughed. "I guess they turned it into storage after a while." I just nodded. Cody waited and then continued. "It was in this room that I decided I wanted to be a poly sci major. These stars made me believe that change was possible."
We had never talked about this before. "Wow. I didn't know that."
"Nobody did. Until now." He turned to face me. "Holly listen, I know we both have a lot of stuff wrong with us. And lately, I know that I've been acting kind of weird. But I do love you. I really do. We were meant to be together." I stood up and shook my head violently. I backed towards the door.
"Don't say that, Cody. Don't say that." He started towards me.
"What did I say? I love you? You don't have to feel the same, I totally get it."
"No you don't get it! I don't want to be with you! We weren't meant to be anything! Me and you were raised to believe that we are supposed to be with people like me and you. I can't be like her, Cody. I won't be like her!" I burst into tears. He came over to me, and wrapped his strong arms around my body. If there was one thing crew could do, it was beef a guys' arms up.
"You don't have to be like your mother, Holly. You won't be. Just like I won't be like my father, or grandfather, or even my big brother. We make our own choices. Just because we come from affluent families doesn't mean we're destined to be together, because if it did, then my mom and dad never would have met." I looked into his eyes and he smiled at me. "My mom was rich and my dad couldn't even pay his student loans. But look at them. Married, with a thousand children. Me and you, Holly, we're some kind of pair. I can barely keep my stuff together, and you can't live without order. You're determined and straightlaced, and I can barely roll out of bed and into class. Thats what I mean by destined to be together. We complete each other. We-" I held my hand up to his face.
"You had me at 'Won't be like your mother'."

I kissed him. And I finally felt at home, right in his arms.
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