Here are a few things I miss about being four...

-Being tall meant that you were only kinda short, and you still felt short when big kids came near you 
-Everything was magic because you hadn't learned about it in science class yet 
-A lot of homework meant a word search 
-Boys had cooties [Except when they had half an Oreo they didn't know what to do with] 
-It was completely normal to bring a blankie with you 
-If you dressed like an idiot, people just assumed that no one ever taught you how to dress yourself 
-You got to go on those fun little rides at the mall and outside grocery stores 
-You were never blamed for all the bad stuff that happened [If you had an older sibling, anyway] 
-Those nice old ladies at the bank gave you lollipops 
-No one called you a baby when you cried after you scraped your knee 
-Your parents were superheroes, not supervillians 
-If you found a quarter, you were rich 
-The worst curse word ever was "stupid" 
-You could make up any words you wanted to, like "extrasuperamazinglywoah" and people just said you were cute 
-You had playdates and played dolls and dress-up and make-believe with your friends; you didn't just "hang out" 
-The dumbest things were could yell out "muffin" on the playground and kids would crack up 
-Christmas and birthday parties were the coolest thing ever 
-You could literally be ecstatic for hours just because it was a snow day 
-The worst evil you ever ran into was when someone called you a "dummy" at recess

Anyone else have some?
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