--The Woods, Gold Fields (legit band and song)

Thanks @luxecouture for assisting me with this set!! :)))) <3
And it's the first day of Spring yayyyy! Hopefully we'll get warmer weather soon because I'm getting sick of this cold weather...
So obviously this is about Teen Wolf, which is my current obsession!!! I didn't get into it when it first started because it felt like it wasn't going to be that good and of course it was based on the movie and I thought the movie was great so why mess up a classic. But then I was shown the error of my ways and became more interested with it and decided to watch it since I found out who Daniel Sharman was and that he was in it, and that the show itself was actually really good (thanks Taylor :D). So I love it now and I'm on the 3rd episode of season 2 so I'll be ready for season 3 this summer! The cast is perf, especially Dylan O'Brien and Daniel Sharman (of course, I'm kinda in love with him...and his tallness...and jawline...and eyes...and gorgeousness...and the fact that he's British...and that he's an amazing actor) . And he'll be part of the main cast in this next season so even more of Daniel yesyesyesyesyesyesyessss *insert Stefon from SNL here* 
It's Spring Break right now so I have time to read and catch up with movies and TV shows. I’m re-reading The Host to prepare for the movie that’s coming out next week!! AHHH I’m so excited!! I’ve been waiting for so long!!! I have 2 classes lined up for this summer so I’ll only have about 2 core classes left and some classes I need to take for the Fall semester, and I'm so so happy because I don't have to take anymore biology classes after this semester. I dislike (hate would be too strong of a word) biology and I’m more of a chemistry person so for me, this is a huge relief. It’s mostly just chemistry and math classes now (yay for being a nerd :P)
That’s about it! Hope everyone is doing well and have a great day!!! <3
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