it hurts because i realized i was born with no hope

because you got everything

and i was left with scattered pieces

if i had known how painful this would be

i would have thrown destiny out a long time ago

i would have flushed destiny down the toilet

and escaped out the window

to follow my heart

and make my own dreams

because once you realize that what you want isn't going to come to you

it's too late to go out and get it for yourself

because it's long gone

on to the person who was born into it

on to the person who gave up everything to get it

just like i should have

just like i would have if you'd given me even one shred of encouragement

but you gave me nothing but a broken dream

you gave me nothing but a broken heart

not so much as a barely lit hope

not so much as a wish upon a star

because you didn't want me to be disappointed

but you made it worse

because i didn't have any dreams to follow until it was far too late to follow them

DooJoon + jellyfish = epic win! :) 

(i like jellyfish, in case you couldn't tell...i wish i had a pet jellyfish...and a pet DooJoon, for that matter...^_______^)

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Wrote 5 years ago

Wrote 5 years ago

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