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Hey Babe!
I can’t believe this is all really happening. One minute I’m a college drop out seriously considering applying to dance at Deja Vu; the next? Sitting on this supermegaawesome beach on five star island paradise. I keep meaning to ask, why me? But I really, really don’t care. Not even if this was really a set up and we are all about to be murdered, or worse! On reality TV [lol]. But, nope, I think this is just the karma gods making up for all those times I did everything right and got screwed over. Mmm, cheers to long hot nights and pina coladas.
Wish you were here so so much!
Your BFF,
You have just won the trip of a lifetime!
We invite you [recipient] to participate in the first annual Miss Tropicana Scholarship Pageant, sponsored by the good people at Kolle Unlimited! You have been chosen to be part of 12 runner-ups from pageants all across America as the best in need of another chance to snatch the crown.
We at Kolle Unlimited have partnered up with Pielea Resorts to send you on an all-expenses paid for island get-a-way to compete in the month long pageant. The island of Pielea is a five-star resort on it’s very own private island that includes all the luxuries of true island living. With it’s themed bungalows located across the island, a private on-the-beach wining and dining experience, and the utmost in fantastic adventure, it will just have to speak for itself.
Included is a brochure brought to you by Pielea as well as the registration sheet. We want to get to know you so be sure to fill out everything and send it back to the attached address by April 1st.
We at Kolle believe in the future, and we believe in you.
Happy Vacationing!
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