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hey heey heyy! 

i need helppp! my school has a really strict dress code; and I feel like i wear the same thing every day. can someone make me an outfit plan for my school dress code? I would love you forever gawwddd yes I would. 

here are the rules;
-have to wear a solid color collared and buttoned polo shirt
-only solid color jackets/sweaters with no designs, writing, or large logos
-only navy or khaki pants/skirt. 
-can wear anything in your hair
-any shoes appropriate for school (basically just no heels or flip flops)
-minimal accessories aloud. no scarves or anything, but I could wear a necklace or something. I can also wear tights, leggings, or any socks as long as they are a solid color

comments anybody, anybody? ppplease i hate looking boring at school.

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