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I layed in bed just staring at the ceiling. I didn't want to get out of, i was too tired and drunk! I could barely remember anything from the head hurt. 

I finally got up and got in the shower, letting the hot water run over my face. Something had happend last night and i couldn't remeber what! It was killing me! i got out of the shower and slowly started getting ready for the day. When suddenly i realized i hadn't had any clothes on when i woke up. I start to panik and run back to my room with a towel around me. I noticed something I hadn't noticed before. Mason was in my bed too. Naked. Relization of what happend scares me and relaxes me. 
 I walked over and kissed him lightly on the lips and continued to get ready. My mind was racing! I knew to keep this to myself, but i was afraid. Did this only happen because we were drunk? Or was it something more? Mason meant more to me than all the other flings i had had. I wanted this to be differnent! And what would this do to my modeling Career if i got.... no i couldn't think like this. I put on some casual clothes and grabed my purse and went straight to the mall! Nonthing could clear my head but shopping.

 I head straight for the salon and get my nails done. It helped me relax and start focusing on what my choices were. I went from store to store dropping money like there was no tomorrow! And it felt good! I got some new shoes, dresses, bags, the works! And i couldn't stop.
 I finally did when my stomach was growling. I got some pizza and sat down at an empty table. I had just sat down when my cell rang.
 "Hello?" i didn't recognize the number.
 "Hello is this Sawyer Mcdougal?" a high pitched voice answered.
 "Yes, it is." i'm still confused, "can i help you?"
 "Yes, i'm from Vouge magazine,"
 My breath catches and my heart starts to race. I couldn't believe this was happening!
 "We have seen some of your recent pictures and were wondering if you could fly over here to New York and have a trial photo shoot with us."
 "Yes of course!" I exclaim, then i try to compose myself, "When would you like me there?"
 "By June 22 if possible." the voice replied, "We will send someone over tomorrow to start prepping you."
 "Okay," my heart is still racing, "I will be ready!"
 the lady paused and started to laugh a little.
 "What?" i say almost defensivly
 "Oh i just love your Irish accent!" she exclaims before hanging up.
 My accent? I had almost forgotten that i slip into it when i get excited. I had picked it up from my dad growing up and it sliped sometimes.
 I wondered how they would've gotten my portfolio. Then i figure it out....Gracie. I shoved the pizza in my mouth and ran straight for my car. I had to tell Mason!!

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