dearest santa,

i think we can skip most of the formalities because, i will admit, i have lots that i want this year and you already know that i've been a very good girl. 

first and foremostly (and what a large imposition this will be on you), i would like gaspard ulliel. i know, it's big of me to ask, but think of this as a bit of comeuppance, only less crude and demanding in nature, for the numerous christmases i didn't ask for puppies or a bicycle. i imagine you get lots of wishes for those and what a load that must be on your sleigh. if you get me gaspard, he can sit up front with you and help you distribute gifts.

secondly, i'd like to smell good. funny thing to ask, but there are so many scents that i wantwantwant. for one thing, i have found myself newly in love with miss dior chérie and i think demeter is pretty groovy. lucy b, tokyomilk and lolita are all great, too.

and all the little things since this is getting lengthy: pretty flats with cameo pins, tea cups, knit berets, sparkly pendants shaped like feathers, tortoiseshell sunglasses, soap that smells like la mer in gorgeous paper packaging and, again, gaspard ulliel.

thank you. you're soo cool, santa. frosty cool.

love, jo. :)
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