* Dec. 13 - *Mandatory* It is time for the champions to be chosen! Meet in the dining hall after classes to watch Professor Everhart draw the names!


We shuffled into the Hall in groups, the excitement in the air tangible. I absently curled a long dark lock around my forefinger, winding and unwinding, then winding again. I was nervous, though no one would know; my face was relaxed into the perfect look of indifference, as always.

Once the entire student body, including those from visiting schools, had found their respective places the assembly was shushed into a lulled whisper. Everhart stood before the flaming goblet, preparing to address us all.

“Students of Beauxbatons, Durmstrang, Hogwarts and Cordova” He spoke loudly. “The moment has arrived for the Goblet of Fire to choose its worthy contenders, each of whom will hence forth become a Triwizard Champion!” The quiet chatter recommenced.

“Silence, please” said Everhart. The babble continued. He raised the tip of his wand to his throat. “Sonorus” he uttered. A few seconds later he spoke again. “SILENCE!” his now amplified voice echoed around the hall and his request was quickly met. He tapped his throat once more, “Quietus!"said Everhart as the goblets flames winked out before resuming with a brilliant blue flash, so bright I had to shield my eyes with my arm. When I returned my line of vision to the Professor he stood clutching a smouldering piece of parchment

“For Durmstrang” he announced “Lazar Atanasov!” A sea of crimson uniforms began to stamp and clap in unison as a brooding though handsome boy stepped forward to retrieve his entry. Professor Everhart ushered him to one side and the goblet started to gutter again. A pale blue smoke bellowed and in its midst shot a second singed piece of parchment. “For Beaxbatons... Cosme Dauphine!” A vaguely familiar boy walked toward Everhart to a cacophony of enthusiastic applause. He took the small square from Everhart and stood beside the Durmstrang Champion.

“For Hogwarts” the headmaster of Cordova announced, a ball of fire propelling a third name from the goblet “ Adilane Diggory!” A beautiful girl approached Everhart, strands of flaxen hair glowing in the reflected light. As her hand reached to take her entry a lone tear rolled down her cheek. The Hogwarts student erupted into a joyous cheer and Adilane smiled at them appreciatively before joining the other Triwizard contenders.

My heart began to race, only one school remained, one champion to be elected, the Cordova Champion. I chewed my lip waiting for the final name to be called.The flames from the goblet danced higher and higher and at last a small piece of parchment floated down from the ceiling to be snatched from the air by Professor Everhart. “For Cordova...” he began, I held my breath “... Sadie Vanderville!”
WHAT? I could feel heat rising in my cheeks; a knot of anger writhing in my chest, that girl couldn’t look a hippogriff in the eye let alone face the challenges of the Triwizard tournament. Collectively the room turned to watch the petite girl sheepishly walk to the front of the hall. I hadn’t even realised she was eligible to enter, let alone considered she would have any chance of success, my eyes narrowed as she passed by.

Vanderville stood with her fellow champions and eventually, when the rounds of appreciation and encouragement had died down, Professor Everhart declared that the tournament had now officially begun. “The first task” he proclaimed “will take place on December 19th. Heads of schools if you could please escort your respective Champions to my office, we will reiterate the rules of the competition. Remaining students, you are dismissed... I am most certain that you will now have a tremendous amount of gossiping to attend to” he added. The Champions filtered out and I steeled myself for the onslaught. My friends, of course, attempted to console me and belittle Sadie in equal measures whilst I loudly protested my lack of interest for participating in the tournament. 

“The goblet was clearly aware I wasn’t bothered” I said haughtily “You know, that I could take it or leave it.” The girls nodded their assent as we strolled along the corridor back to the Glacias common room. “Damn!” I cursed, realising that with all the furore I’d left my bag back in the Hall. “I’ll catch up with you” I said to Bernice and Cora, turning on my heels to head back through the flowing stream of pupils. I’d almost made it when I spotted Sadie Vanderville appearing from around the corner. I ducked into an alcove that held a rusted suit of armour, allowing Vanderville to overtake me. The painted portraits that hung high on the walls congratulated her loudly as she went by and she politely muttered her thanks in return. Anger reared inside me. How could this pathetic excuse for a witch have beaten me, ME! Without thinking I drew my wand from my pocket and with a flick of the wrist I spoke “Petrificus Totalus”.

Sadie’s arms snapped quickly to her sides before her body swayed and crashed to the floor like a felled tree. I stepped out from my hiding place and walked slowly to stand over her. I crouched, looking her directly in the eyes. “Best of luck Sadie” I whispered menacingly “You’re going to need it”. I laughed out loud as I left her there and continued on my way to back the hall.


I used Sadie @shedefiesreality:)
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