name; Rowan "Ro" Sloan

age; 18

likes; laughing, cheesy jokes, red lipstick, partying, macaroons, her best friends, root beer & horchatas, cannolis & pasta, Vogue, Harry Potter, late night dates

dislikes; Uptight people, self centered people, wanna be’s, her mom, alcoholics

bio; This crazy Manhattan ,partier, was blessed with green eyes and legs as long as the Strip itself. With her crazy personality and constant jokes, Ro escaped from her difficult past. Her father, always away on business trips, never saw how her alcoholic mother treated her (15 at the time), and when Ro finally let it slip, her father had a pen in one hand and the divorce papers in the other. Fortunately though, her father promised he would take her with him on all his trips – Paris, Beijing, Cancun, and her mother was in prison for child abuse. Up until that day, Ro would have called that the darkest period of her life. But, she was sadly mistaken. A couple years later, two days before they were planned to leave to South Africa, her father was mugged and murdered on the way home from work. Ro couldn’t stand knowing that there was no one left for her. She ran away from home, and lived on the streets for half a year before one of her closest friends, Jared, found her passed out on the curb in the Bronx. He took her to his studio apartment where he cared for her until she was mentally stable enough to sleep a full night without waking up screaming, crying, or thrashing. At 18, Ro was ready to conquer New York with her Jeffery Campbell heels – the same time her mom was released from prison. Ro knew she couldn’t live with her mom – ever- so she sent her a letter saying she was heading to Las Vegas to start over. Of course, Ro had to bring Jared, and they never saw her mom again. Ro wants to forgot her old life – pretty much brain wash everything that happened before she was picked up by Jared. That’s probably why if you ask her, she’ll make an excuse of why she can’t say it. But don’t think that she is one to wallow in misery all the time, though she is a bit of an emotional rollercoaster, Ro loves parties a bit too much and can get a bit out of control. She wants to let loose and get her party on. Ro is always joking around and doesn’t take things seriously, which may be why she constantly has boy troubles. Her friends mean the world to her and if you cross the line, Ro can get really bitchy, really fast. Oh, and though Ro is the life of the party with a bad past, she has secrets too, but good luck finding that out unless you’re her best friend. Or of course, snoop.
Style; classic with indie/whimsical twist
Model; Julija Steponaviciute
Taken by; that’s stellar


“Jared! Jared! Look! Look!” I shook his shoulders wildly. “Wake up! Wake up! You can see all the lights! Jared!!!!” I pulled his arm over to the small airplane window. 

“What? Oh, wow. Yeah, that’s awesome. I can’t wait to go party!” He started to “crump”. I laughed at his attempted ghetto dancing and joined in.

“Please put your seats in the upright position and your tables up. We will be landing shortly. Welcome to Las Vegas!!!” A series of cheers came from the back of the plane.

[after off plane]

“Ro, we need a taxi. Do you have the address of where we’re staying at?” Jared looked at me earnestly. /She didn’t forget again, did she?/ he was thinking. Which I did for a second before I answered him. 

“I think he’ll know where the Cosmopolitan is. Then we just check in and go up to the ‘Lanai Suite’!” We had saved up and requested the Lanai suite. 
“Oh! There’s a taxi! Taxi! Taxi!” I waved my arms and shouted as loud as I could and he pulled over.

“Where to, sweety?” he was a gruff scratchy voice and smelt of cigars but, I shrugged and looked at Jared. Creepy cab driver was worth it. 

“Cosmopolitan, please.” I climbed into the back seat and patted the seat next to me and Jared climbed in, handing the driver a twenty. We sped off and I found myself staring outside the like a child, eyes wide.

I loved big cities. Their bustling and 24 hour Open sign on everything and the constant lights that made you close the curtains when you came back from clubbing to finally go to sleep. The plush bed that cushioned you from your hangover and 6 new phone numbers from those nameless guys last night. The new pairs of Jimmy Choos and a new Proenza dress just because I haven’t got /anything/ to wear at all! Everything about meeting someone new everyday was just….fabulous. There was always something new to discover and for me New York was already discovered in the worst possible ways. But as for Las Vegas, there was still some hope. 

We pulled up to City Center. And I swear my breath vanished. I giggled and playfully punched Jared in the arm.

“We’re staying there!” I couldn’t believe it. How did this happen?

“Go straight and to the left. Let me guess? Honey moon?” He said as Jared and I were exiting the cab.

“Oh, no… We’re just friends. ”
“We’re not. We’re not together.” 

We said at the same time causing a mumbled mess of words which didn’t pass through his hairy ears. 

“Okay, okay. Try not to have too much fun then, kids. Be safe!” I managed as awkward smile and turned away quickly on my heel and stared walking away quickly without Jared.

“Ro! Wait up!” He came jogging to me.

“That guy was a creep. What was up with him? I mean, really?” I started laughing from the awkwardness of the whole situation.

“What? You don’t want sex tips from a sketchy old cab driver?” Jared asked me sarcastically as we walked up to the concierge.

“And where do you get your dating tips from then? The homeless man on the corner of 6th and 14th?” I laughed but was silenced from the moment I opened the doors inside the hotel.

I was possibly the more iridescent thing I had ever seen. The floor was in black tile and the path to the concierge was lined with glass columns.

“Wow….” I whispered. “We made a good choice.”

“Yeah,” Jared was looking around and trying not to scuff the floor.

We reached the black marble concierge counter. I rang the little silver bell. 

He ignored me and kept his head down as he scribbled something slowly onto a document of some unknown sort. 

I reached over to the bell and started dinging the bell repeatedly.

“Ro…” Jared was trying to contain his chuckles, “Ro…stop…they’re gonna kick us out and we haven’t even checked in…”

“Can I help you, ma’am?” The concierge finally looked up and stared at me hard and cold. This wasn’t exactly starting off on the right foot.

“Yes, I’m Ro,” I notioned to Jared. “And Jared. We’re staying in the Lanai Suite.” I returned with an equally menacing glance as I tapped my manicured nails on the marble. 

“Ooh! What’s the occasion? Honeymoon?” The concierge leaned in to us and was blushing a little. I threw my hands up in confusion; however saw Jared looking away – a little pink.

“Why does everyone think that? We’re staying as friends for a long period of time. Can you just check us in, please?” Irritate as I was, I tried to remain calm. It wasn’t that big of a deal. 
“Oh, sorry. My mistake. I’m very sorry, miss.” He hastily checked us in and managed to drop our papers…twice. I made sure he saw my eyes roll. After half an hour of blah blah this and blah blah that we were finally given our key and had someone take our bags.

“You were quite the diva back there,” Jared said with a smile.

“Well, he needs to know that the customer is always right,” I laughed and we walked to our suite laughing the entire time.


I stepped onto the glossy wooden floor of our room. Or more like condo. I dropped my bag and left my shoes in the doorsteps and a laughing Jared as I ran up the stairs to jump on the queen bed. 

“You realize that there’s only one bed…” he called to me. was I supposed to do this? I didn’t want to ruin our relationship. 

“I’m sleeping in the bed so whether you decide to sleep there too or on the couch is completely your decision.” Silence after that. Way to push the problem on someone else. 

I decided it was nap time for me and secretly hoped that he would choose to share the bed.
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