Based on Title For me & my Real life friend @stephaniee90 I can't believed it this year[2012] we're going to celebrate 12 years of our friendship.such a long time as the same time seem like yesterday we've met.

Me&Stephanie first met on 29 Apr,2000 Hmmm we met at Boston,Massachusetts when I was 9 I went to state to study grade 4..after that i left to study advanced program..our childhood so beautiful,I really missed Boston for the moment lol:)

Time passed so fast right steph we still friend till now specially i never thoughts we still be friend,we were separated often but can back to stay together.

I don't know i should find sweet words to say for you or not,likes you know I'm not romantic person just Thank you for always being my nice friend..only this it's means a lot.
Steph I hope we'll be friend till our life end.I think I got a best friend for my life i don't needso many i've one very best already ....

I wishes this year you'll graduate i cheering for you you can do it Fighting ,i wishes you'll find super handsome guy for life,i give you strong,lively and pretty charming like you really wishes to get it,don't missed to take care your self,thanks for help me manage stuff for my job it's hard right?
don't too much used your scary aura hohoooo ...i know i know how much i love you my daydreaming Steph<3 

Your Friend Rainie,Ichihara,Jimin Ahhhh,Ginie anything you want to name lol:)

BTW,on 29 Apr every year,happy Anniversary to The Royal's wedding [Prince William &Princess Catherine]
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