An art collage from November 2012
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  • Yokohama Geisha 16 Pillow By Thomaspaul
    This collection is based on Japanese wood block prints depicting scenes from the city of Yokohama Japan in the mid 1800's. At this time, the city was a vibrant port that had many foreign residents from western countries. The Yokohama prints often depicted this combination of eastern and western motifs coming together. This group of pillows combines traditional Japanese patterns with western motifs and patterns.
  • Hello Circus
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  • 14" Cherry Blossom Porcelain Tung Chi Vase
    A classic shape "Tung Chi" vase, popular in Japanese, Chinese, and Korean imperial decor since the 16th century. Richly decorated with vermillion cherry blossoms and white cranes. High temperature fired, fine Asian porcelain ceramic. Traditional oriental art motif symbolizing felicity and harmony. Tung Chi vase in an elegant baluster shape. Fitted stands available but not included. NOTE: This vase was photographed with the stand shown for display purposes only; all stands are sold separately. If you would like to purchase a fitted stand for this vase, please select our 5.5" size Rosewood Pedestal Stand , Rosewood Carved Stand or Rosewood Vase Stand.
  • Votive Gift Set - Hinoke Temple, Asian Pear Persimmon and Cassis Nectar design by BURN
    Borne of an obsession to recreate in a candle fragrance the subtle and quiet scent of Japanese incense which is a connoisseurÌâåÕs tradition dating back thousands of years wherein only the finest sources of sandalwood and aloeswood resins are used. Here we have added black tea, moss and a hint of smoke to evoke the experience. Asian Pear PersimmonPairing a pure, crisp freshness with delicate sweetness- Asian Pear Persimmon is a sophisticated fusion of summer and autumn fruits and flowers blending its namesakes with accords of Fuji Apple, Wild Plum, Green Fig, Sakura Blossom and Hibiscus in a base of Star Thistle Honey. Cassis NectarAn extremely fruity cocktail that starts off with cassis and layers in a host of other berries like black cherry and red currant all of which are grounded in a base of tonka and musk with just a hint of nectarine. Three 3 oz votives.
  • Cold Feet
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  • 18" Cherry Blossom Porcelain Temple Jar
    Crafted from high temperature porcelain ceramic, finished with a bright cherry blossom and white crane design with distinctive black calligraphy characters. Displayed individually or in matched pairs, our oriental temple jars lend an authentic Asian accent to traditional or modern American home decor. Japanese-style cherry blossom and white crane art motif. Traditional symbols of household felicity and harmony. Wonderful gift idea for weddings, anniversaries and holidays. Display singly and in pairs. Fitted stands available but not included. NOTE: This jar was photographed with the stand for display purposes only; all stands sold separately. To purchase a fitted base as shown, please select the 7.5" size of our Rosewood Pedestal Stand , our Rosewood Carved Stand (pictured), or our Rosewood Vase Stand.
  • H. Hal Kramer Co. Japanese Art Panels Asian Birds, Set of 2
    Eastern Influences. Embrace the delicate beauty of the Far East with H. Hal Kramer Co.'s Japanese Art Panels Asian Birds, Set of 2. These two vertical prints look like genuine silk fabric and come ready to hang in gilded-wood frames. One piece shows an exquisite peacock displaying its plume of feathers, while the other features pretty little songbirds relaxing on a branch. Use them to decorate your international-inspired space or to add an exotic touch to your traditional living room. Each comes in a solid-wood frame.
  • 17" Geisha Figurine w/ Small Bow Kimono
    Outstanding, fine quality Japanese style decorative artwork; a hand detailed reproduction of a strikingly tall Japanese geisha figurine. Crafted from lovely ivory colored resin, with hand painted hair cast in a classic "shimada" (hairstyle), with distinctive, traditional "kanzashi" (hair pins and combs). Striking large size design, just under a foot and a half tall. Beautiful hand carved detail on small bow kimono. Wonderfully elaborate hairstyle, hairpins, and comb. High quality Asian style decorative art statue.
  • In Bloom
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  • 36" Gold Leaf Sakura Blossom
    An exceptional Japanese style Sumi-e brush art painting; a hand painted reproduction of an elegant, traditional oriental design. Lovely gold leaf appliqué, on an authentically crafted four panel decorative wall screen, with Rosewood stained wood frames and a fine silk fabric brocade border. Cherry and Plum blossoms are popular art motifs in Asia, symbolizing the vitality of new life. Six foot long, fine quality, authentically crafted oriental decorative wall screen. Elegant gold leaf appliqué, fine silk brocade border, and Rosewood stained wood frame. Beautifully rendered hand painted blossoming tree art motif, symbolic of the vitality of spring. We offer a large selection of stunning Chinese & Japanese brush art paintings at amazingly affordable prices.
  • Fearless
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  • 6 ft. Tall Double Sided Geisha Room Divider
    The images printed on the front and back are reproductions of classic turn of the century block art prints of traditional Japanese geisha. The front side is a geisha holding a parasol, in a lovely sea green kimono with a fine red and gold obi (sash). On the back side image, the lady holds a fan, wearing an elegant black kimono with a white obi (sash). Note the Japanese kanji characters on both prints, front and back. Well crafted room divider built from hardy kiln dried Spruce frames, covered with a strong poly-cotton blend canvas. Beautifully printed with richly colorful commercial grade ink creating, long lasting, vivid images. Almost entirely opaque. Very little light can pass through the layers of canvas, providing complete privacy. Great for dividing space, privacy, hiding unsightly areas, as a wonderful decorative background, or defining a cozy space. Stunning, colorful art as well as a practical folding screen for less than the cost of a custom framed art print. Available in 3 panel size only. Note we sell other Japanese art design room dividers in 4, 5, and 6 panel sizes, as well as taller and shorter variations. This art print screen is part of our large selection of unique image printed room dividers including Japanese, Chinese, and other Asian designs, as well as interesting and attractive American and European art and photographic prints.
  • Rebel Chic
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  • Elementem Photography Cherry Blossoms Triptych Wall Art
    As close as you'll get to the real thing: these cherry blossoms will burst off the canvas and float down to your living room floor. Create a gateway into another world with the frameless Elementem Photography Cherry Blossoms Triptych Wall Art. Featuring a close shot of a cherry blossom tree in full bloom, these pieces are printed on vinyl and mounted on wooden MDF frames. Each panel is then lightly laminated for easy cleaning (Windex and water recommended) and protection. All materials needed for installation are provided, making it easy and quick to put up. Elementem is dedicated to bringing beauty into homes, and this scene is no exception. The vivid reds and green will bring life to any room! Elementem Photography donates one percent of sales towards environmental causes. High resolution photograph for great clarity and quality. Three laminated panels.
  • Voluspa Home Ambience Diffuser
    The Voluspa Japonica Home Ambience Diffuser pays homage to beautiful works of Japanese art. Delicate traditional Japanese floral designs are applied to the most creative and invigorating fragrance palette yet.
  • Fornasetti Japanese Incense Sticks Refill
    This Fornasetti incense sticks refill set includes 80 incense sticks in the signature Otto scent. They are for use with the Fornasetti incense boxes or scent spheres (both available separately). Created by renowned Japanese manufacturer Nippon Kodo, his devotion to making incense follows a long and honoured tradition.  Key features: * Fragrance notes: oriental, leathery & woody * Contains 80 incense sticks * For use with Fornasetti incense boxes or scent spheres * (both available separately) * Feature signature Otto fragrance * Incense created by Japanese manufacturer Nippon Kodo * Fornasetti scented candles also available
  • 12" Cherry Blossom Porcelain Vase
    Shapely vase in an old "wine bottle" style with a round body and a long narrow neck. The vibrant red cherry blossoms, white cranes, and black calligraphy characters are auspicious Asian symbols for happiness and peace. Display alone or in pairs, empty or with flowers or bamboo. High quality Chinese porcelain ceramic. Symbolic design for household felicity and harmony. Display empty or with fresh cut, dry, or silk flowers. Fitted stands available but not included. NOTE: This vase was photographed with the stand shown for display purposes only; all stands are sold separately. If you would like to purchase a fitted stand for this vase, please select our 6.5" size Rosewood Pedestal Stand , Rosewood Carved Stand or Rosewood Vase Stand.
  • Allem Studio Cali Pillow
    Bold and beautiful, Allem Studio's Cali throw pillow delivers a bright spring scene. Cherry blossoms branch across a crisp white background for an artistic botanical accent. 22"W x 12"H. 100% cotton. Pink, navy blue and brown. Solid white reverse. Hidden zipper closure. Feather pillow insert included. Machine wash. Handmade quality can result in small print discrepancies.