This was kind of a Twilight set at first. And don't you get me wrong. I'm no twihard, okay?

I just really do admire the story and the two (very) hot actors they picked for Edward and Jacob. I'm team Edward, if I had to pick a team. But I love Jacob, too, a lot. Team Both?

Anyways, yeah. I'm no twihard. I read the books, then it became a craze over the nation. Which is ridiculous. People started to think they were real. Pffft. Silly, girls.

Anyways, it's kind of late and I've got to do Latin. >:\ No fun. And I have a Chemistry project thing that's due Wednesday and it's really stupid. And that's just the take home project. The "at school" project is creating a short clip defining and demonstrating chemical bonding. So stupid..

Anyways. It's been a good four days off, now when's Christmas break?

And my question: what Twilight team would you be on? Jacob or Edward?

- anna
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