That's Where You Take Me, Britney Spears.
(GWW Challenge, Maury Simone)

My interpretation of Victoria's Secret is that it provides variety that would fit any personality or body type! However, I find that the high-fashion diehards, while unable to explain why, still love and admire Victoria's I decided to use both different patterns and richer colors like the purple in typical beach items like sarongs, bandeaus, and floppy hats. I chose this to appeal to a more adventurous or fashionable customer while (hopefully!) keeping the effortlessness and breeziness of VS! 

"Wow," I breathe as my eyes scan the island, "Hawaii is absolutely gorgeous in the morning."

"Only because we're here!' I turn to Camille's voice as she winks and hops up onto the chair next to me, makeup artists flanking her with an army of brushes and palettes. She giggles at the entourage.

"Hello, I'm Talia, I'll be doing your makeup for the shoot," a woman exuding gracefulness approaches me. I smile weakly, the full impact of the butterflies in my stomach knocks me hard. I can't mess this up; It's all I have. I have to make Donovan proud, make Russell proud, and make Ed proud.

I have to do this for my parents.

The realization fills me with energy, and with Talia's sing-songy "All done!" I shake my hair and examine my face in the mirror. Again, I smile my thanks and she begins her work on Naomi, the raven-haired model to my right.

"Looking great girls!" Evie offers as she passes by, and Camille and I give her a thumbs up. Besides Archi yelling "Hot! Hot! Hot!" as she walked on the beach, it felt like everyone was holding their breath as Evie then lowered herself onto the sand-we were about to get a lesson from the master. 

She executed everything perfectly, and when her time was up, a confident-looking girl, Ayla, replaced her. My stomach lurches in anticipation as Russel compliments Ayla during her later shots.

Naomi begins, "You did great," beaming at Ayla.
"Seriously, I'm impressed," I add genuinely.
"Thanks ladies, I'm just so overwhelmed, you know? When I was younger I never imagined myself modelling for Victoria Secret."
"Tell me about it. I'm plan to go far though," something in the way Ayla said it brought out determination in my voice, and she and Naomi nod in agreement.
"My strict parents wanted me to be a doctor or a lawyer. Something productive and proper," Ayla says sarcastically.
"Oh my god! Tell me about it. My parents are the same way," Naomi said with a roll of her brown eyes.
Having nothing to say in the conversation, I zone out until my eyes land on someone who definitely was not a part of VS.
"Oh look over there!" I say, and both their heads swivel to find the attractive guy I saw. He reminded me of someone, but I just couldn't place it.

Russel chooses at that moment to yell, "Maury Simone!" 
Hearing Camille's "Good luck!" in the distance, I make my way over to Rus in nothing but my corset-bandeau and sarong.
He smiles welcomingly, "We'll just take a few shots of you in the outfit standing, and then have you change for shots on the sand and in the water. 
"Very well then," I reply, and fumble for the right body position. Yet somehow, my body recognizes what I should do, and with a few clicks and adjustments I lean up against the palm tree with one hand on my hat. Gradually and fluently I slide down to the sand, without breaking eye contact with the lens, and my hand holds me up from the sand. I lift my head and look straight up into the camera from underneath my lashes, and Russell finally approves, “Yes, yes! Exactly!” 
I bounce up and begin to dance, not only because I think it looks good for the camera, but also because it shakes off my nervous energy. “Fantastic!” Russ crows, “that’s it! Now change and come down to the shore.”
After what feels like a million rounds of smiling, giving sultry looks, and being interrupted by the crews, a new idea comes next. Laying down on the sand as Russell yells “Last shot!”, I wait for the tide, and I bring my body upward as the waves splash up in sync. Russell doesn’t say anything, but his grin is from ear to ear. Pleased, I head back to the set-up to Camille, where Lo and Evie approach us. 
"Lo and I are off to the spa afterwards, wanna join?"
"Ugh, sounds perf!" Camille squeals as she takes a sip of her latte. "We'll be there." Evie walks away chatting on her phone, and Camille has this look on her face like she knows something’s up.
When Caleb reveals himself to a surprised Maury, Lo looks fed up. We follow her as she marches up to Evie, “Evie, are we off to get facials or what?" 
She looks up at Caleb, and then back at Lo. "You guys go without me. I'll catch up later." 
Lo stares at them blankly and walks off, and Camille and I join arm in arm behind her. I know Lo is mad, but I can’t help but be in bliss: I just completed my first shoot!
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