-"On My Own" performed by Samantha Barks. Because it is beautiful. And so is she.

Saw this movie today. Oh god. SO GOOD. I'm already obsessed with it. But I already have a thing for musicals, especially historical fiction ones (*cough* Oliver! *cough* Haha, Dodger steals my heart every time in "I'd Do Anything," just that little "Wot? Fisticuffs?!" part is so adorable). My aunt's friend was actually in this too, he played the "Pimp," I think the one that got scratched by Fantine, but I'm not sure. He was also on Doctor Who, in Tennant's first episode. He was killed, haha. But anyway.

I actually remember Samantha Barks from a show called, "I'd Do Anything" where it was a bunch of girls who could seriously sing competing to be Nancy in the West End production of Oliver! She lost, but the director liked her so much she was put in as Nancy in a later production, and then played Eponine in the West End production of Les Miserables, and then got to play her in the movie. And she fantastic. Eponine was actually one of my favorite characters, mostly cos I can relate to her so much. But I don't think I wanna get into that right now. 

Haha, so instead, I'll just move onto Gavroche, who totally and utterly stole my heart. But once again, Oliver! already started it, I just think little boys with cockney accents that can sing will always steal my heart, haha. But oh god. I teared up. If you've seen the movie, you know the part. Oh god. He was so ADORABLE AND REBELLIOUS AND WHYYYYY....but a firecracker like that would go out with a bang like that, there's not other way that would fit. But still. God. He's pretty much Icarus, isn't he? That just occurred to me. Huh. How...poetic. Man. Still hurts, though. :P

Oh, and I'll probably do a set with Eddie Redmayne. Because that guy is perfection. Haha, I I was telling my friends after, "Every time Eddie Redmayne opens his mouth I melt into a puddle of happiness." He's just too perfect. I swear. ;)

Also, Hugh Jackman was seriously impressive. Like, I think he went operatic as some points. But then again, I can't hold a note to save my life, so I don't know much about good singing, haha, all I know is they all sounded pretty damn good. God, Anne Hathaway made me tear up too.

Haha, I'm done...for now. ;)
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