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Name? Amy
Age? 26
Whats your favorite kind of pie? Banoffee (Banana Toffee) 
Whats your favorite band/singer? Lana Del Rey.
Favorite fruit? Blueberries.
Favorite sport? Ice Skating.
Favorite color? Yellow.
Favorite hair style for guys? Short, buzzed. 
Curly hair or straight hair? Curly, but not overly.
Would you ever get tinted windows so you could pick your nose without people seeing you? psh just let them watch XD.
Do you think shampoo bottles should have directions? lol no, well maybe the ones for blondes (I have blonde days so I can say that!)
Skinny jeans or flare jeans? Skinny.
Do you have braces? no, I kinda wish I had when I was little so my teeth would be all lovely and super straight now! 
What kind of computer do you have? Gateway.
Would you swim the ocean for Kelsey? ummm who? 
Are you sad about Michael Jackson’s death? Yes I think he was very misunderstood! 
Have you ever been to a concert? Not for a long time!
Do you know the meaning of Christmas? I know my meaning of Christmas but I'm not religious so it varys a little.
Do you Watch Charlie Brown? not really
Can you apply Mascara with your mouth closed? most times yes. 
If you look behind you whats there? A wall with my favorite pictures on it. 
Do you brush your teeth daily? 4-5 times a day.
Do you have any cavities? yes, I have fillings.
Have you ever broken a bone? if so how many? I have fractured my elbow but thats it.
Ever needed stitches? no.
Do you still watch spongebob? never did.
What time do you usually go to bed? about 3-4am. I'm a night owl.
Whats your wallpaper on your phone? a christmas picture.
Are you made fun of a lot? lightly by friends, i'm usually made fun of for being clumsy and for not being the brightest crayon in the box.
Are you overly truthful? no, not at all, only with close friends and about fashion, I do say what I think when my friends try something on thats horrible! XD.
Do you feel bad when you hurt people’s feelings (that aren’t your friends)? yes, I'm not big on hurting people.
Do you know what 69 means? LOL what kinda question is this?
Have you ever heard of pon and zi? yes, adorable!
How about happy tree friends? haha love em!
Do you get angry easily? only when someone says I'm not doing something right and I know I am! 
Do you like the heat? NO! winter is my friend!
Do you wear glasses/contacts? yes glasses for things far away!
Would you ever be seen in limited too? nope.
Can you do the math 12 x 7 in your head? NO I suck at maths!
Is your hand cramping while taking this survey? nope but if I had to write it out in free hand then yes it would! 
Do you have a limited time to get ready in the morning? Not really.
Do you think having celebrity crushes is weird? No, Ed Westwick is mine!
Have you ever met a celebrity? Tom Felton, Kylie Minogue, Sean Penn and Luke Perry.
Would you ever die your hair neon green with pink polka dots? sure.
Does your school have a dress code? I work and we kinda have a dress code, smart casual. 
Are you allowed to listen to your ipod in school? again no school just work but I guess we can't really use them at work.
Do you even have an ipod? Yes
Are you afraid of falling in love? maybe.
Have you been in love multiple times? Yes.
Do you like harry potter? oh god like more than my own life! 
Do You still believe in santa? Yes :D haha well I believe its fun to believe in stuff, keep Christmas alive!
Can you count to 100? No.. lol of course.
Do you like using caps lock? NO! haha.
Do you have big hands? I have chubby hands but no they are pretty small!
Do you like guys with big feet? Sure, I have tiny feet so it's kinda funny! 
Do you like fred from youtube? ??? dunno who that is! 
Do you think it’s crazy that he has shirts at hot topic? i don't care
Do you like to do projects? craft projects yes!!! 
So what are you going to do after this? …watch a movie and maybe make some more sets! :D 
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Wrote 4 years ago
@martasmiling your welcome hun!
@priscilla okies, I will!
@deercat of course you can!
@adcdefuck thanks hun!

Wrote 4 years ago

Wrote 4 years ago
Oh, could I do this even though you didn't tag me? :)

Wrote 4 years ago
YOU DONT KNOW FRED!!!! OMG look for him LOL


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