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1) Favourite Song: Light by Sleeping at Last

2) Favourite Sport: Floorball (to play) and Soccer (to watch)

3) Favourite Band: All Time Low and Sleeping at Last

4) Favourite Show: Mmm, this is tough. Melissa and Joey would be my favorite for any occasion, but Masterchef Australia is my favorite at the moment cause new season whoopeedooo.

5) Favourite Movie: I can't pick one so I'll list a few—The Proposal, Roman Holiday, Chef (cliche plot but directed so well) and the Irish film Hunger.

6) Favourite Colour: White (I love yellow and pink highlighters hahah this has nothing to do with the question but it suddenly popped into my head)

7) Favourite Food: Anything Japanese or Vietnamese noodle related.

8) Favourite Drink: Water, Ice Lemon Tea 

9) Favourite Videogame: Anything race related.

10) Tag 15 people: 
Only going to tag @emc1397 because WHOOP HAPPY SUPER BELATED BIRTHDAY. Big hugs and shoutout to this amazing girl<3

Anyone is free to do this tag, please tag me so I can go read it! :)
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