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Bambi Rousseau- 19
- Chanel Iman
Likes: Se.x, high heels, small tattoos, parties, mojitos, summer.
Dislikes: Her name, love, hangovers, forests, spiders, hospitals.
Style: Simple with some glamour.
Theme Song: Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield
- A beauty with sharp cheekbones, jet black hair, and caramel colored skin, Bambi is certainly not one to forget. She's a bubbly, perky party girl, always up for some fun, so, how could you forget her? One of the other reason's she's unforgettable is the factor of how many guy's she's dated. She's happily a heartbreaker, stringing along a boy and toying with him, just before breaking up with him, always giving him one of the same, generic excuses as to why. When in reality, there is no real reason as to why she's breaking up with them. Most of the guys she targets are good looking with a good personality to match. So why would she break up with them? Fear is the most accurate answer you're looking for. After Bambi's mother's countless marriages, all of which failed, Bambi has developed the dreariest outlook on love. It's useless to her. If it's not going to last forever (because, let's face it, nothing does), then what even is the point of it? There's no point, well, at least to Bambi there isn't. So, having a short relationship is perfect for her. No complications, no strings attached, just enough time for her and the guy to screw around for a bit and let that be that. But the fact is that she uses all of this as a way to do something with her life, because really, she doesn't know what she wants or who she is. Everyone else knows exactly who they are, but somehow, Bambi doesn't. She's lost, adrift in the sea of endless faces. She's tired of feeling like this, of feeling like just an outline of herself. Little does she know though that it's up to her to fill it all in. It's all up to her.
Relationship Status: Single… for now, at least.

Top Three
- Chanel Iman
- Rosie Huntington Whiteley
- Emily DiDonato
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
It always began the same way. The same five worded sentence, followed by a deep sigh and some eye contact. And from there, it went all downhill, well, for them at least, and soon, I was free. I'd usually get up and walk out, heading back to my group of friends, or heading home, depending on what time it was. 

Tonight, it was early, the sun just setting as we settled into our booth at a local club. My friends stood across the room, in their own separate booth, eyeing us occasionally, but I averted my eyes from there, sinking into the cushiony fabric of the seat while looking across the table at my boyfriend of just two weeks, Jason. I didn't know how long I would take when breaking up with him. Whether I'd do it right now, immediately, or wait until there's a few drinks in my system to make it easier was undecided. But I was tired of him, bored. I was sick of his talking about the future, being way too over his head with the headed direction of our relationship. Better sooner than later, I think to myself. 

Sooner came quick, because we stayed silent until our drinks came, and I sipped on my mojito quietly before he broke the ice. "Bambs, what's up? You're acting weird tonight." He says to me, looking at me seriously before he too takes a sip of his beer. 

I sigh, setting my drink down, reaching across the table and grabbing his hand, smiling somewhat fakely and trying my absolute hardest not to cringe at how he called me 'Bambs'… God, how I hated that. Out of all the things I'll not-miss the most, this was at the top of the list. 
"Listen, we need to talk," I began and he looked at me, somewhat shocked. 
And then I went on, spewing some lie about how it wasn't him, oh no no, it was me. I said lies that would never be true, saying how I needed a job, how I needed to move on with my life, and how I just couldn't handle a relationship right now. 

He looked hurt. Well, they always did. Some got over it at first, and others… not so much. Jason was the latter, and he went on about things we could do to improve our relationship, about how much chemistry we had, blah blah blah. But I just shake my head and look at him sadly, "I'm sorry," I say before I finish off the last of my drink, giving him a wave before hopping out of the booth without another word and heading over to the bar to get another drink before I'd continue to meet with my friends and try to find another guy.

After ordering another mojito and bringing it over to my new table, I looked over to see that Jason had just left. Good, then at least he won't be here to see me try and get another guy, I think to myself silently. I didn't think that doing what I did made me a sl.t. I mean, I wasn't hopping from bed to bed every single night. The relationships lasted two weeks, maybe three weeks if I really liked them. I wasn't a sl.t… by no means was I. And if anyone called me that, well, then they could expect a punch in the face from me. 

A few minutes of absolute boredom quickly passed by, so we went up to the bar, hoping to score someone there. Luckily, there were some pretty nice looking guys here tonight. 
And finally, after loosening up thanks to a few alcoholic beverages, I looked to see a guy had just sat down next to me, a drink already in hand. "Hey," I smiled at him, the courage from the drinks speaking, as he turned towards me.

"Hey," He smiled. Nice smile. Looks like this one is a keeper… well, for now at least. 

"I'm Bambi," I say to him and he grins back, just as I extend my hand for him to shake. 

"Shawn," He answers back, and I could tell I was already warming up to him. 
Well, here I go again.
Sorry this story sucks. I may rewrite it, but audition stories are always the absolute hardest for me.
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