>>WHO TOOK MY RUBY RED ROUGE! which one of you city slum harlots took my property, You'll be sorry. You picked the wrong girl to mess with, I'm Noir, and don't you forget it!

"Baby Doll..." Johnny blew a puff of smoke into my eyes as he openly checked out some frump in torn stockings.

"Don't you baby doll me Johnny, who was that tramp coming out of your room!" I narrowed my eyes in anger

"She's the maid, I swears it!" Johnny eyes opened wide as he gave his lame excuse.

"Ah baloney, I've had it Johnny! You double crossed me, so just dry up you sleazy rat! scram!" I shouted at the skeezer wearing a two toned velvetier jacket that was probably stolen from someone who was actually rich.

I watched him walk away, thinking about the past two months. Two months just wasted! I was now behind in my hunt for a daddy cat with dough popping outta his suit. 

Just then a ruby red breezer drove up to the curb. I straightened my fur stole, making sure my bosom was in plain view of the gentleman in the car.

"What's a dame like you doing out here on the streets!" A handsome man stepped out of the convertible and walked up to where I was standing.

I put my hand on my cheek feigning distress, "Oh I just arrived and have no where to go, would you be so kind as to help a youngin' like me?"

The man smiled and pulled out a cigar, lighting it as he studied my body. I knew he was hooked. 

"What is your name baby?" 


He grabbed my hand and laid a kiss on my hand as he said, "Call me Moretti, sweetcheeks"

okay so I used some 1920s slang, hopefully it wasn't too hard to follow along!
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