~I'm am so thankful for all of your likes, comments, shares, and everything! You gals are the best! And yes, I can say that! 
~I'm trying to get to 1,000 followers! I'm soo close! If you could please help me out? thanks! 
~So whatever happened to the whole advice thing on Polyvore? Remember that? When someone could ask for style advice and then you could get votes on your advice or you could get best advice from that person? I loved that! I mean I never really asked for advice, but I loved giving it out!? Does anyone know what happened to that? Awe.. I miss it ? :( 
~Isn't this a cute outfit!? I think it is! I love those sandals! IDK if anyone noticed, but this isn't a dress! Its just a top & skirt! Haha, It looks like a dress though!
~I change the subject like, A LOT! so I just put a little squiggly in front of wherever I got distracted! Haha, hope it helps! BYE!!<3

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