Looove this band so much!!! Evidently, I'm obsessed with British bands as shown in the Arctic Monkeys reference in my set lol. Also new vlog up on my channel! Hope you could drop by and watch our June Faves! :) xx
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Finally found the time to do this!! Thanks for the tag <3

1 - favorite song(s): Younger (Kygo Remix) - Seinabo Sey | Be Your Shadow - The Wombats

2 - favorite sport: definitely football!
3 - favorite band(s): The Wombats & Bastille
4 - favorite show: Ughh so much! Game of Thrones, The Mentalist, How to Get Away with Murder, Sherlock and more
5 - favorite movie: The Grand Budapest Hotel
6 - favorite color: Seafoam, white
7 - favorite food: Brookside chocolates (had to be specific lol)
8 - favorite drink: The Berry Company green tea with blueberries!!
9 - favorite video game: I used to play Diner Dash and Virtual Villagers (is this counted lol)
10 - tag 15 people: maybe just 10 I tag @paradis-o @annamari-a @auroramay19 @evangeline-lily @janettetang @knightnightingale @kiiaa @nauditaolivia @nanarachel @janetteamy
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