Women of Boeing || Electra Johnson

Name: Electra Johnson
Age: 22
Relationship status: Engaged
Significant other's location: France
Likes: working hard, black and white movies, letters from her Alex, walking alone with her toughts, baking and eating pies, fresh flowers, drinking to celebrate
Dislikes: being anxious, night shift, being powerless, nightmares about her past, the government that wants the war
Bio: Electra's family wasn't the richest of the town but despite that Electra and her little sister Annie were raised knowing that all the moneys that thier parent earned were used on their healthcare. Her mother has always told her that jst because you're poor you're not justified on doing horrible things. Because the reputation that you have is the most important thing that you'd ever earned. When her father was drafted and taken away from them, less money arrived at the family. Electra felt guilty that she couldn't help in any way. So she decided to do the easiest thing and started stealing little things that she could sell to earn some money. Not enough money to save Electra's mother affected by a serious illness. So at age of 16 Electra had to face the world alone. She worked hard for her and for her little sister, she did everything that was needed just to make her survive. When she met Alex he appeared like someone that could make these hard days more enjoyable. At first she didn't bet on him and her, they're too different from eachothers. And she were too afraid to get attached to someone that could leaves her. But as long as he kept courting her and being gentle she let herself go. She even found a better job as a woman of boeing and she's proud of what she's doing for her country. Unfortunately with the war going on a happy ending isn't something to believe in. And their disappeared when Alex were drafted and sent in France. Now she work even harder, not only for Annie but for Alex too.
Model: Mila Kunis
Taken By: @martasmiling


Wrote 4 years ago
That's great!

Wrote 4 years ago
@azrielazazel agree! it's written that they'll be friends :)

Wrote 4 years ago
I think my girl and yours would be good friends, they have a lot in common

Wrote 4 years ago
@ancalime5 done :)


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