Women, Girls, Doll Parts - Volume XI

Women, females, girls, doll parts, doll sets, doll making, fashion, futuristic, vintage, old, art nouveau, art deco, sci fi, science fiction, parts, chunks, chicks, woman, ladies, lady, eyes, dystopia, long hair, short hair, fairies, fairy, mermaids, mermaid, illustrations, paintings, photographs, dystopian, dollies, dolly bits, upper, drawings, human, children, kids, faces, heads, hair, ethereal, design, cartoon, creative, nature, elements, women of color, women of colour, WOC, collage, tubes, layers, fillers, realistic, warrior, fighter, apocalyptic, fantasy, realism, art, item, items, black & white, B&W, colour, color, mermaids, fairy wings, naked, nude, mannequin, dancers, legs, Karol Bak, pinups, ballerinas, babes.

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Awesome collection dear, thanks for sharing!

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Thank you for sharing!


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