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-Runaway // Pink

The one that’s still running
Eden Martin, 25
Known as: Having no string attached 
Biography: Eden is without a doubt a smart girl, having been skipped up a few grades in high school she was always the youngest member of her group of friends - not that you’d be able to tell that looking at her.  Eden had a rough childhood, without a doubt however after moving across the country to live with her aunt she never mentioned it. Though always up for a laugh, a joke, as a shoulder to lean on or to tease her friends relentlessly, Eden never really settled down, instead she seemed almost scared to get comfortable and was always ready to bolt from any situation at a moments notice. After college she travelled for a bit before, much to everyone who knew hers surprise she got a steady job, a roommate and a boyfriend. Of course it didn’t last, something spooked Eden and well now she’s back to her old habit or running. When she was invited to the beach house again she jumped at the chance - a legitimate reason to just leave and well, if she didn’t come back then no one would know where to look for her.
Why she is returning to the beach house: as a convenient and inconspicuous way to get away from her life and get her head on straight.
Occupation: Recently (and secretly) quit her job in marketing
Relationship status: Was dating Steve ended the relationship but never told him...
Other notable relationships: Her Aunt and Uncle. She doesn't really do relationships.
Model: Clara Alonso

The Beach House. Now there was one memory, or set of memories - though they sometimes blurred into one - that I held in fond regards. I can’t say there’d never been drama, or the urge to run away from there and the people to never look back, but it was probably the safest and most stable place in my past, not that it was something I tended to dwell on, not since I’d made a life for myself.

The invitation to return, however compactly out of the blue it may be, was perfectly timed - clearly a sign from the universe, or the friends that always did know exactly what I needed even if I didn’t, friends that I’d let go of like everything else in my life. The stable life I’d tentatively made for myself however was beginning to crumble and it was most defiantly the best place for me to go to regroup - to find a place to move onto.

“Eden?” The tentative knock, on the bathroom door brought me out of my head, which was always frankly a depressing place, and back to the present. The present which currently consisted of my sitting on the bathroom floor in the apartment I shared with Cassie, my college roommate. Of course the voice wasn’t Cassie’s - her I could deal with.

“The door is open.” I called back, uncurling myself from the fetal position so as to appear less like a crazy broken girl. The door swung open there, to admit the slightly concerned face of SteveSteve.

“Everything okay Eden?” He asked warily, shutting the door behind him and giving me the space he clearly could tell I needed yet also the privacy from Cassie and whatever group of friends she had over today. I didn’t reply to him, just met his eyes with an apologetic smile, no need to let him know it was him and this life that had overwhelmed me, “Another panic attack?” He asked, sympathetic this time. I’d let him think that’s what these were - simple panic attacks, and not the overwhelming desire to run away and never look back.

“Just a little one.” I croaked, voice sounding, well more well adjusted and normal than I’d expected after almost four days not speaking to anyone - Cassie had clearly finally noticed which was why she’d sent Steve over.

“Anything I can do to help?” He asked, sitting down with his back against the door. He was trying to keep Cassie out and give me space was my guess but he was also trapping me in the relatively tiny room.

This, was the time to make the decision. Was I going to return to something that wasn’t an obligation for once in my life? Would trying to relive my teenage years achieve anything or just make me feel more trapped? Would I regret running from here if I did it, no matter how I felt at the moment.

“I need to get away.” I said, mouth apparently making the decision for me.

He just smiled at me indulgently, like a cross between genuine understanding and the look you give a small child with a cute but misguided idea of where babies come from, “Alright, we can go anywhere you want.” He said, and had I got that reliant on him that I couldn’t go anywhere without him assuming he was invited along as well?

“Actually, I got this email the other day.” I said, clenching and unclenching my hands in the billowy folds of my skirt, “From some friends in high-school. We used to rent this beach house during the summer,” I found myself explaining with a small fond smile, “It was like a tradition, and apparently they decided to do it again now - see where everyone’s at.”

“And you want to go?” He asked, looking adorably confused with the wrinkle between his brows he got when he frowned. That he was surprised wasn’t really a surprise, I think I’d barely mentioned my teenage years to him before. Even though I’d never specifically mentioned it to him before I think he assumed that’s where I’d gotten my what he called ‘anxiety’ even though I’d never really been anxious before and only was infrequently here. Really though it’d happen long before high-school. High-school was healing, as cliche as that sounded.

“It’d be nice to see what everyone else is up to, and get away from the crazy that is Cassie.” I smiled softly, stretching out slightly. Now that I’d resolved what I was going to do, I felt much better. I could deal with a few more weeks here now that I knew I was getting out. I could catch up with the friends I’d left behind and regroup, find a new place to live, and a new identity to weave. I wouldn’t even need to take anything as nothing here was mine.

“Well, if that’s what you want.” He shrugged, getting up as he sensed that I was ready to rejoin the world. His world for only a few more weeks though I wouldn’t tell him that. This chapter of my life was so over, and the next one was ready to start - hopefully it would be one much shorter than this one.

[The story was much ... mopier than I intend Eden to be generally. More like she has melancholy spells like this but is mostly cheerful. Excited for this rp beyond words. @emmylou I'm done! yay!]
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