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If I were asked to describe three biggest K-pop companies I would use words past, present and future.

SME is past; with their music, concepts, stage outfits, they are always one step behind. They were big when Super Junior and DBSK were the most popular bands and they somehow stick to it. Ideal example is EXO's MAMA which reminds do much of SuJu's Don't Don, not to mention F(x) that is always few steps behind 2NE1 [that's just my opinion!]

JYP is present. JYP perfectly knows what is currently trendy in worldwide music. Newest albums of Miss A or Wonder Girls use dubstep and could be played in clubs around the world.

YG Ent. is future; they are making new trends. Whether it's fashion, or music they try to stay fresh and show something new, and others try to follow them. 
Crazy blue hair? Could anyone dye their hair like that before Tabi? And now we have bluehaired Lime (?) from Hello Venus and Hoya with purple hair:)

Being past, present and future has it's advantages and disadvantages;

EXO brings me sweet memories of old times,
I'm not afraid of sharing new Wonder Girls songs with non-kpop fans, 'cause they present what is trendy now.

On the other hand, not everyone is ready for something new, like YG Ent.'s music,

maybe that's why JYP and SME prefers to play it safe by bringing something well-known [SME] and popular [JYP].

I don't want to offend any fans; I'm not bashing SME , and praising JYP and YG Ent., it's just something I noticed and wanted to share my opinion:) What dp you think about it?

From other companies, I think B.A.P's company is very interesting; B.A.P is 'future' when Secret is so retro:)
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