I realized I haven't really talked about him in a while, so if any of you guys actually remember me talking about that guy Josh and were wondering what's going on with him, here it is: 
My friend Jana had a dodgeball tournament on Saturday to raise money for a Field Hockey trip. Josh and I were both going and I didn't know how to get there and he lives really close so I texted him and asked if he would ride with me so he could give me directions. So we were driving to the dodgeball place and it actually wasn't awkward at all. We were just talking and laughing and it was really nice. We lost really badly in dodgeball but it was still really fun. Then we went to the Drama II play at our school to help out backstage and afterwards they invited us to come to their cast party. So by that time we had spent the entire day together and were pretty much acting like best friends again. It was really nice. I really missed being friends. We hadn't really been talking much and lately he had been getting on my nerves every time he opened his mouth. But now we're getting along really well!
The only problem is, he met this girl from Drama II at the play and now he likes her. She's two years younger than him! But as much as I don't want to see him with some other girl, I have to admit they would probably be good for each other. She likes Johnny Depp like we do, and she likes the same kind of music as him. I think they would get along really well. The other night he kept asking me about her and saying how he doesn't want to make a fool of himself, blah blah blah and he doesn't know what he should do. And I was getting really mad at him because I didn't want to be the one that got the two of them together. And I told him that. And I kept yelling at him (through facebook chat so I don't even know if he realized I was yelling) but then I had to try and fix it and say he should go for it. But I told him I'm just worried because he acts different when he has a girlfriend. He spends all his time with her and puts our whole friendship on hold. And he said for my sake he will get to know her better first and not rush into anything too soon. But his idea of "not rushing things" is probably about a week. So fml. I will try my best to be happy for him. I really do want to see him happy. He told me I'm a really great friend and he's glad I will always stick with him. And he said that the song You Got A Friend In Me from Toy Story reminds him of me :) So for his birthday I'm totally getting him a card that sings that song. I'm excited. His birthday's in June though so I hope he remembers he said that.

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