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'Over and over many setting suns
I have run, I have waited for the rain to come
When through that mist I see the shape of you
And I know, 
I know that I'm in love with you..

Though, I'm far away
I know I'll stay 
I know I'll stay right there with you,
And though, it might be too late
What would you say, what would you say
What would you do?'

Two Door Cinema Club - Sun

i lava TDCC. 'Cause they're awesome.
and their new album is awesome.
and they're Irish, so DUH they're awesome.

(this is my 360th set.)
(thought you should know.)


This is a sunny set even though i am a drizzly sop.

Cookie guy made me feel like an idiot.

Fahad made me laugh today.

And Ibby... just made my day.
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