using this set for an example,new contest.
"Happy Birthday Bao (oppa) "
can't believed it he's going to 25 this year/Korean ages.
he can be my dongsaeng anyway.
thanks to myself don't use this pic yet,i had only 4 pics of him on my profile.
it's been 2 weeks since MH370 were missing
i following the news from many countries,many sources 
after hearing Malaysia announced that MH370 already rest in peace such a saddest news on this week.
not directly related to someone i used to know,my dad told me this morning a family(father/mother/son) who is a friend of one of my dad's employee(a father Chinese/Engineering) is one of the passenger on this flight it's mean that this family lost 3 person in one time *sad*.like we know that China's gov allowed to have 1 child/family,who still behind them surely breaking river of tears.

Just my opinion,I was thinking they/who related to MH370 might cover the truth to the world?
my country has report everyday and look 360 degree different from Malaysia has announced.
idk which source we should believed?
in the end i hope so this tragedy not related to terrorism.

Don't you know once France spent 2 years to find lost plane they did until they found the clues and did announced to the world. 2 years guys so damn 2 years they worked for it.
wishing to Malaysia and all who related work hard to find it.

prays for MH370.

*idk why i really sad*
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