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i can't wait for summerrrrrrr D:
seriously, school sucks.
my math grade is steadily dropping because geometry sucks,
english is just too much: vocab, lit terms, macbeth...,
world history and religion are annoying,
art is really hard, but it's getting better,
biology isn't really hard, there's just so much to process,
cip is ok, at least dumb presentations are done,
latin is nothing, we don't even do anything. it's my one break from everything, but i'll be screwed next year in latin 3.

um, my life. let's seeeee.
i love one direction now (: they're all really great, but i think liam is my favorite. i'm possibly seeing them in concert next summer! :o
my social life is booming. i actually *gasp* slept over at someone's house on friday. it was great.
i'm also obsessed with pinterest and tip sets, as usual.
sorry i haven't been making sets / writing much. i seriously have no motivation, and school is kicking my as.s.
oh, i am now the proud owner of two pairs of toms.
i feel so hipster, yo.
i have the natural classics, and the black glitters (:

ok, i need to go read macbeth and study english and bio.
ciao, bellas.

ooh, wouldn't this guy be perfect as finnick odair in catching fire??
he's beautiful. ok, done.

sorry i'm so boring and awkward.
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