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{Friday, October 1st -Green Isle is throwing it's annual fall festival. All weekend there will be rides, food and live entertainment. Come out and enjoy the fun!}

I paused just before Aiden dragged me by the wrist through the gate onto the ferris wheel. "Come on, Phia!" he begged. "You'll love it. It's not even that high!"

I frowned. "But what if the lap bar comes loose and we fall out? It'll be pretty high then."

Aiden rolled his eyes and tugged me down next to him. The ride attendant gave a forced smile as he buckled us in. "Have a nice ride, kids."

I held a foot out over the edge as we traveled up towards the top, holding my breath. I clutched Aiden's hand tightly, keeping a death grip on his fingers.

We reached the top and the wheel stopped, presumably to load more people on. I squinted, trying to make out shapes of people I recognized before, disappointed, I realized that I hardly knew anyone, aside from Aiden, Sonny (with whom I wasn't on the best of terms), Savannah (whom I'd just met), my brother, Kyle, Callie, Nico, and a few others.

"What's wrong?" Aiden asked, squeezing my hand.

"I just feel lonely sometimes. Like I hardly know anyone, you know?"

He frowned, scrunching up his eyebrows in an adorable way. "No, I don't know..."



"Thank you!" I chirped with a smile, handing the cashier a dollar bill and some change, grabbing a bag of cotton candy.

Ripping the bag open, I popped a small bit in my mouth, smiling as I tasted the sugary sweetness. Aiden had just wandered off with a few guys, looking for something to eat.

"You know, for some reason, cotton candy totally seems to suit you, Miss Phia," I heard Kyle say as I sat down a wooden table. Against my better judgment, I smiled and gestured for him to sit down. He grinned back at me and I offered him some cotton candy.

"It's really good!" I told him, popping another small piece into my mouth. "It's fantastic!"

"I'll pass," he replied, sounding just a little bit flirtatious. Or maybe he was just a little bit tipsy?

"Fine. Your loss. So how have you been, Kyle?"

"Good. But we should definitely hang out sometime soon. And talk. About that night, with the party in the clearing."

"Forget about it, Kyle." I averted my eyes, looking down at the table.

"No, seriously, Phia. I think we should talk about it."

"I think you should forget about it, Kyle. And I'm not going to talk about it."

Without looking at him again, I left the table, realizing only minutes later, once I'd reached the ferris wheel again that I'd left my cotton candy at the table.


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