under the sun || cheryl cole

haven't heard that song in ageeesss. c:

inspired by @bellarocks00 ♥

how is everyone? 
my sister's have gone off to some races for their school, so i'm home alone. well, my sister is in the kitchen, but yeah. 

uch i should go outside && do something productive. hah. 
but it's ireland so it's super cold anyway so i have an excuse. 

well anyway the radio show is on today so we can see if dan is alive. ♥

omg that was a joke btw he is alive okay don't panic. c:

i wonder if he saw the #danhavingapoo trend that luke made.. umm. 

right sorry i'm literally just writing a freakin' diary entry right now, because like 99% of you have no idea who i'm talking about tbh. 

so yeah baiii ~ 

t a g g i e s p a r t o n e ;; ♥
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