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A Stoic Mind and a Bleeding Heart Chapter 2:

~ Part 1 ~

“How did you know who I was?” Sherlock ran to catch up to the Doctor. He strode beside him, his brow furrowed in a deep frown. The Doctor looked at Sherlock out of the corner of his eye. 
“You’re not exactly disguised, you know,” the Doctor pointed out. “Signature coat, scarf, hair… arrogant attitude” he wiggled his fingers airily at Sherlock, which elicited an eyebrow raise from the consulting detective. 
“How did you find me?” was Sherlock’s next question, conceding the previous point to this stranger. “I made sure not leave a trace of where I was going.”
The Doctor took a breath, preparing himself for the explanation he was about to give, stopping to look Sherlock in the eye. “I have a… a thing. It’s a detector of sorts, finds people. Invented it myself,” he said, pausing as he straightened his bow tie with pride. “Anyway,” he quickly continued. “I just type in the name of the person I want to find and there you have it!” he grinned. Sherlock raised an eyebrow. 
“If you have such a device, then why do you need me?” he asked, the lack of logic surrounding this man irritating him.
“The TARDIS key,” the Doctor said with a sigh, as if Sherlock should have known this already. “Haven’t you been listening?”
“You haven’t said anything about a key,” Sherlock retorted, narrowing his eyes. 
“Didn’t I?” the Doctor frowned and looked at Sherlock twice before continuing. “Well, you see I gave the TARDIS key to a boy and now I’ve lost them both,” he shook his head, exasperated with himself.
“You misplaced a boy?” Sherlock rolled his eyes slightly. The evidence was growing that this man was insane.
“Well, not exactly misplaced,” the Doctor did loose air quotes around the word. “But, ah, sort of forgotten where I left him. Or rather when I left him…” 
Sherlock immediately caught the usage of ‘when’ and stared at the Doctor in confusion. “What do you mean when?”
“At what point in time I left the boy,” the Doctor looked at Sherlock reproachfully. “I can’t go back and get him if I don’t know when I left him, can I?” he started walking again. Sherlock stared after him for a minute, trying to wrap his mind around the deduction about what this man was saying. 
“Doctor!” he called, hurrying to catch up, his long strides easily matching the other’s quick gait. “You’re a time traveler? Is that what you’re saying?” he said, watching the Doctor’s face carefully. That face lit up with smile of satisfaction at Sherlock’s words. 
“Indeed. You’re as good as they say you are,” he clapped Sherlock on the back with a grin. Sherlock wasn’t exactly feeling as pleased with himself at finally unraveling the confusing, tangled up yarn of the Doctor’s sentences as usual. 
“But Doctor, time travel is an impossibility,” he said, stopping once again. The little town was now in view, the clock tower just striking the hour of three. The Doctor looked at the village for a moment before turning to Sherlock with a serious look on his face. 
“If I am not a time traveler, then I could I know that as a boy you used to play on an imaginary pirate ship?”
Sherlock’s normally stoic face betrayed his shock. No one, not even Mycroft as far as Sherlock understood, knew he liked to actually play a pirate as a boy.
“Yes,” the Doctor continued, smiling kindly. “In that attic above your room. I must say, it seemed like jolly fun. I met some pirates once. They’re not all bad,” he mused, becoming lost in his memories. “They became space pirates!” he grinned.
Sherlock stared at him, unsure of what to think. Either this man was seriously disturbed or telling the truth or both. He decided to humour this strange man called the Doctor. “All right,” he said slowly, watching the Doctor closely again. “What is it exactly you wanted me to do?” 
“To help me find whoever has the TARDIS key,” the Doctor replied. 
“How did you come to lose it?” the detective asked, clasping his hands behind his back. The Doctor sighed and before answering he walked to the edge of the town, Sherlock following him. The Doctor managed to find a bench and sat down, watching some children play with a ball in the street. Sherlock sat next to him. “I was running, you see. It’s seems I’m always running from something,” the Doctor started his tale... 


I hope you enjoyed this! Hopefully I'll have the second part up soon.

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