bright lights// alex goot ♥

i'm obsessed with this song. & the video is just beautiful & the song is amazing. if you don't know Alex Goot, you have to check him out. he does the best covers of popular songs & makes original ones on YouTube. he's good looking too (:

& i finally made a set- this time not for a contest & not a preppy set. is this what you would call a magazine set? i like it more than preppy sets, as it is cute & fashionable, but much more grown-up & down-to-earth (i guess?) than a preppy set. it defines me more, rather than the bubbly preppy sets. i will still make them, but i'd opt out to make some more magazine sets because they're much more interesting & i like them more. this set was inspired by @lillyisabanana & @mazowiecki-becky. thanks! ♥

i haven't blogged for a while, so here it goes for today;

17.02.13 ♥

i woke up at 10:00 today, late i know, but i got back home from skiing in austria at 1:00 yesterday. i watched some YouTube, made myself a sandwhich with cheese & watched some more YouTube. haha, loser much? :D then i wrote my english essay (-_____-) & texted my friends & snapchatted for an hour. later at 4, i went out with my parents & sister for sushi because it was my parent's 17th wedding anniversay today & that's how we celebrated it. we went to this really expensive sushi place in warsaw's centre. it was delicious & i ate 10 pieces (: then whilst coming back home, me & my dad stopped & washed our car & got back home. i painted my art project for a bit & then played piano. now i'm on YouTube & writing this, but i will be editing my essay soon & doing this History debrief for my recent field trip. then i'll probably shower & go to sleep as i need to wake up at 5:00 tomorrow for swimming training -_- 



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