Gold Forever - The Wanted

1. Happy Easter everyone!
2. The weather is great today so I laid outside on a blanket. Woohooo!
3. The boys killed it last night on SNL. And Josh look pretty great ;)
4. The barista at Starbucks knew my order by heart and I have never felt more accomplished! ahahaa Lame, but I've always wanted someone to remember my coffee order!
5. I have an early dinner with the family tonight. I can't wait to see my two week old cousin again...she's so cute!
6. My knuckles are so dry and they are cracking/bleeding/hurting as I type :(
7. I reeeaaaaaaaalllly want the new Madonna CD. My recent Madonna obsession is so weird!
8. Thanks Coco (@diegolohve) and Safa (@deercat) for forcing me to stay up last night- I literally loved every single minute of SNL! Even though I was exhausted this morning! :)


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Wrote 5 years ago
@diegolohve I know...I taught her well! It has! Spring break has been quite chilly, but today was fab and I just sat outside all day! ahahaa

Wrote 5 years ago
@twobytwo Aha your mom defs does have good taste in music then =) And aha we seriously never fail at #twinning =) Lol same thing happened with me cause the weather's been so bipolar and went from like 70s/80s to like 50s. I, personally, preferred the 70s/80s weather ;)

Wrote 5 years ago
@diegolohve Aw, that sounds fun! My mom is absolutely infatuated with Lego House and I'm like 'You have great taste in music' ;) ahahaa And, I DO TOO! I call Jay, JayTommoDarling. I call Eleanor, EleanorJCalder on occasion! ahahaa #twiiiiiinning Thanks love! And, I know! My hands were like this all winter and then they got better right when Spring started and they are back to being painful! AH. PS Did your sister make a Twitter yet? ;)

Wrote 5 years ago
p.s. my hands are so dry too and I have no idea why. Like it's Spring, right? haha ;)


Shopping In The Rain

Shopping In The Rain

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