The next morning felt like the continuous of my dream as I dragged myself to the bathroom and shoved my toothbrush in my mouth. I stared at myself for a while and it all flashed back. I ran back to my room and saw Felix waiting at my bedside.
"your not very observant, are you" he stated as he held out his arms.
I laughed at my stupidity and walked over to the bed. To make sure he was still there, I pinched myself. He raised an eyebrow and I laughed. He kissed my forehead and looked at me.
"has it ever occured to you that you so lovely and beautiful and smart and funny and absolutely perfect in every way for me?"he said, a smille forming on his mouth.
"although I'm not good for you, not indeed you seem to ignore the thought"
"No. I dont think im any of that let alone perfect for you. Your perfect for me, and it still mind boggles me that you think its an honour to be with me. When in fact, its the opposite way round." I replied. He grabbed my thighs and pulled me closer. I breathed in his scent and laid my head on his statuest chest. We sat there for a while until he said,"we better get to school. its law to go even though it is hell" he teased, pulling me up.
"nooo" I moaned.
"I do respect your feelings but--"
"no, dont say it. I'll go" I interrupted. he smirked and walked by me.
I chucked on the closest clothes and shoved my books in my bags.
We walked into school that morning and i realised that Luke was staring at me gob-smacked by my ignorance. I would need to do some explaining. He looked away as we walked into the building. I saw Melody there,waiting for news.
"Its official, right?" she asked, her eyes widening.
"yes Mel. Abou--" 
"Isnt this great Hazel" she awed, bouncing up and down with excitement. Although bouncing for here was more or less leaping on the spot. Not the usual 5-year old kid on jumping castle bounce.
I looked down in embarressment and smiled, my face flushing red.
"We have so much to do now that we're friends. Shopping, makeovers, clothes" she dragged on.
"Mel, dont put pressure on here" Felix warned, glaring at her. Melody looked down to try fight of a smile.
"No, really its fine. It will be fun Melody" I replied, smiling up at her.
"Great!" she beamed as she skipped off.
"Trust me, when she's done with you, you'll beg for a second life" he said, shaking his head in disguist.
"she seems nice to me" I replied, raising an eyebrow.
"enough siad. We'll be late for class" he said, pulling me down the hall.
We arrived a little while later at the library. We were assigned this room for this period.
We were to do more research on mythical creatures. Felix thought this was hilarious, studying himself. I laughed too as we sat at the computers. I typed in Fexts and looked at him, ready to pounce alot of questions at him. 
"so do you have more vampire traits than fext traits?" I asked.
"no, fexts reins our body more than vampires but that doesn't mean we have habits from vampires"
My computer finally booted up to date and showed me a website based along with fexts. A painting was shown of a darkskinned fext scraping open a heart of a human. i scrunched my nose and turned to Felix.
"is that what you dfo?" I asked, rasing an eyebrow.
"well you can tell the difference between us to the 'evil' ones. Since we have descended from vampires we hav lighter skin rather than dark skin. So you would know much, much faster". Not that hard to point out"
"my father, Warren came from the darminat tribe s--"
"the what tribe?" I interrupted.
"thats the only clan in the world, the universe that are descendants from vampires. They were good compared to the evil ones saying that they only drank animal blood, whereas the dark liked to kill humans and take their souls for the taking. The more human blood we drink the darker skinned we get. But noone chooses to kill someone like that. The dark raided the clan and they all fled, most dead"
"but my father and two others, our 'aunties' and 'uncles' as we call them survived. they chose different paths, hunting alone. But Warren was sick of his loneliness so he then found Lydia, my mom"
"they were together for a while then they found me, then Melody, Fletcher and last but not least, Heather"
"I thought it was just Melody and you" I replied, confused.
"Fletcher doesnt come here anymore. He's already '19'. Heather the same"
"She used to be a dark but was punished for helping a human. She was left but warren found her, transformed her to be like us. ALthough some of her traits still revolve around here being evil. Still she has darker skin than us. A 'tan' as she calls it. Her sense is still bad but she uses it for good, we think"
"a sense. What's a sense? is it like superpowers?" I teased. 
"not really. it means one of our senses may be stronger. LIke Melody for instance, she can mimic senses because she was raised in a big family. She picked up everything she knew from her brothers and sisters. So thats why she can pick up senses now"
"can you do anything?" I asked, lightly tapping on the keys.
"omniscience and Power augmentation"
"now in English" I replied, confused.
"omniscience is the ability to know everything and anything and power augmentaion is the ability to enhance or weaken ones ability"
"so basically, your a nerd" I teased.
"you could say that. Although most of the time even though I know it, I may have never of heard of it in my life" he explained, playing with my hair.
"next question. How old are you?"
"Pass" he smirked.
"Im not gonna cry to my mom, you know. I can handle the truth, please" I said.
"176 years old" he said slowly. 
"176 years old!? what have you been doing with your life NOT to get bored with it?" I exclaimed, shocked by it all. 
"I've been waiting for you"he replied easily.
That was the one thing that sent shivers down my spine.
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