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soundtrack; valerie (feat. amy winehouse) by mark ronson 
a deadly game 

catching up like a beast ;) 
alright, a bit of a lie but i am catching up.
that much is true. 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - 


I bit my lip as I brushed out Ania’s hair. We had agreed to get ready for the Christmas Eve dinner. Alena was supposed to be joining us but surprise, surprise she was late. 

My youngest sister let out a small sigh. 

“Hello, Ania? You there?” 

She quickly blinked. Whatever planet she had been on, my nudging must’ve brought her back down to earth. “Yeah, yeah. I’m sorry,” she apologized with a shake of the head. 

“Penny for your thoughts?” I put the finishing touches on her hair and then slowly stood up. 

Ania laughed at that. “Who says that anymore?”

“Oh, shut up,” I smirked. “Now tell me what you’re thinking, Miss Beautiful.” 

She looked at her reflection in the mirror, almost as if she was double checking to make sure I wasn’t making a cruel joke. 

Before she could respond, Alena waltzed into the apartment. 

“You girls ready to go ‘impress the bosses’,” Alena sarcastically asked. She added an eye roll for good measure.

“You’re coming?” I couldn’t help but blurt the question. It wasn’t too often Alena joined us for events like these. It wasn’t much of a secret that she didn’t care for this world we were involved with. I also chose to ignore the sarcasm. 

“Ania’s making me,” she revealed. “Since when did she get so old? She’s not our little sis anymore!”

I pointed to her dress. “I know! Just look at her.”

“‘She’ is standing right here,” Ania reminded us. 

Alena groaned. “Come on, let’s just get this over with.”

Ania and I exchanged a quick look and followed our other sister who was already eagerly out the door. This was going to be an interesting night for sure...


Rest up tomorrow. (Along with a story for the 25th). Anyone else want to be included?

- Antonia
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