The Woods - Family Collection

family name : Martinez
# of members : 3
bio: Jackie Martinez (the grandma) and her husband, Jake Martinez, were hiking in the woods. they were both environmetalists and loved observing the plants and nature of the forests. Jackie was 3 months pregnant and hoping for a girl. Then they saw a fox run along so quickly they weren't even sure they saw it. They dismissed it, but later in the day, they saw the tops of houses in the middle of the woods. So they went towards the houses and wandered into a small courtyard/promenade. And so, after asking around, and looking around, they fell in love with the small town and quickly moved there. Once their only daughter, Emalissa, had grown up, she moved out, not liking the isolation she felt in the town.
And so, she got married in San Francisco. Over the years Emalissa tried to go back to her hometown but couldn't find the trail she knew so well. After years of trying, she never found it. But she still kept in touch, how the police were able to call Jackie's grandma and have Jackie move in with her.
house : below
name: Jaqueline Martinez
age: An older woman doesn't give out her age ;)
personality: A typical grandma- likes to cook, read, and go hiking and for walks. She's happy that she finally gets to see her grandaughter but sad that it's under horrible circumstances.
job: Works at the Shakespeare and Co.
extra: plays the piano and would like to teach her grandaughter to play.
Name: Jake Martinez
Age: 72
Personality: Funny, loves to fish at a pond near their house, and also loves to hike, like many people in The Woods
Job: No job, he's retired now.
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