Ok so this is my first roleplay and I'm doing it with my sweetie @ruhpattinsonleto

her previous set http://www.polyvore.com/one_tree_hill_roleplay_ep/set?id=40414654&lid=1250499

One tree hill - episode 1

It was a shock. Everybody was starring at them, Karen was crying and the look on their faces was unable to describe. 
The word "confused" was probably not even close to how they looked but nobody said nothing. 
It was so silent that you could hear the heartbeats. Until Nathan got up.

- You are not my brother and you never will be!
He get in his car and furiously drove away.

Karen was trying to say something but Lucas cut her off. 
- Stop! Just stop talking mom! I can't believe you would hide something like that from me. Just leave me alone.
and ran away.. Haley tried to stop him but she couldn't.

-They are brothers? This is a disaster, they can't stand each other and suddenly they are blood related?
Haley was talking to Mouth who also couldn't believe what just happened.

- Poor Luke. I have to go find him and talk to him.

Brooke heard them talking and bitchy smiled at Peyton
-oh please, I'm sure she wants something more than talk. Who wouldn't.

-Brooke you're crazy. Not everyone are so obsessed with guys like you.

-Peyton, i'm sure you wanted to say not everyone can compete with me and especially not this "Oh, i'm so nice, I'm so smart" virgin Mary.
They both laughed

- look, i'm just saying that boys like bad girls better and that's why I get every guy I want. And I want him, Lucas. I just need to find a way to be his shoulder to cry on.
- sure Brooke, whatever you say :)

After they left the Rivercourt Haley went looking for Lucas. She was worried about him cause she never saw him so angry.
She was just walking near the road when suddenly a car came so fast and all she could hear was creaking of brakes.
When the car stopped she saw him. Instead of Lucas she bumped into Nathan. 

-Oh my god, are you ok? I'm so sorry, I didn't see you. What are you doing here? 
You could get yourself killed.

-Oh like you care! You don't care about anyone but yourself.. I'm sure you're sorry you didn't ran over me.. that way you could hurt Lucas.. cause we all know how much you love him. 
she smiled at him sarcastically

- Look, I said I'm sorry, what more you want from me?! This was the worst night in my life and I'm really not in the mood to listen you insulting me. You don't even know me.

- Oh, and thank God for that. I don't even wanna know you. 
She said looking at him with her big brown eyes.

- Ok, you don't have to like me but please let me drive you home.
- No thanks, I don't want to risk my life with your driving skills.

- I promise I will drive you safely and won't say a word while I'm driving. I just don't wanna worry if something bad happened to you on this road.
It's not safe for you to walk alone.

And this was the first time she didn't actually wanna slap him in the face. She was standing there, looking at him with a pinch of surprise.
Is it possible that he can be sweet and caring? And as hard as it was for her to admit, he was right.

She demonstratively get in the car not saying a word.
He smiled at her and just for a second forgot about all the problems. For the first time in a long time he felt everything is just the way it should be.

Such and strange feeling. He don't even know her but he felt so good in her presence. 

While they were driving Haley's phone rang. It was Lucas telling her that he is ok, but he need a place to stay over night cause he can't go home. He is still mad at Karen.
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