Hockey survey made by blackhawks&&cubbies♥♥

1) Who’s Your Favorite Team?
Pittsburgh Penguins, close second:Blackhawks
2) If your favorite team was to go to the stanley cup finals next year, who would you want them to play?
Hmm I think Vancouver would make for an interesting opponent
3) What games are you looking forward to most this season? 
Pitt-Chicago, boston and montreal always makes for a good game :)
4) Who on your team deserves to win a Stanley Cup?|
Marc Andre Fluery (eventhough he already has one) cause he takes alot of heat for the team's problems, but it's usually not his fault
5) If your favorite team doesn’t win the Stanley Cup next year, who do you want to win it? 
I like the Sabres and the Bluejackets, perhaps Tampa Bay? I like all those teams, but of course i really want the pens or hawks to win it :)
6) Who do you think has the nicest arena? 
Columbus has a gorgeous arena, but I've only been to a few, so it's hard to say
7) If your team moved away to another state or city, would you still be loyal to them?
Yeah, but i doubt they will.
8) Name 3 Teams you don’t like?
FLYERS, Rangers and Caps (okay caps don't bug me as much as their fans do!)
9) How did you become a hockey fan?
My dad always took me to the games and we watched them on tv all the time. Other sports were hard for me to follow, so I stuck with hockey.
10) What would you do if you were at Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals & your team just won the cup?
I would run down to the glass and take a bunch of pictures and celebrate with all the other fans

11) What would you do if you were at Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals & your team just lost? 
I would probs cry
12) Worst moment of the 2009-2010 Season? 
Chris Kunitz. J/k lol, ugh game 7 after they lost to montreal
13) If someone paid you a million dollars, would you change teams?
Probs not. It depends which team, I like most of the teams in the leauge
14) If you can go to any arena in the NHL besides your own, where would it be?
Madison Square Garden seems like it would be AWESOME!
15) If you can meet anyone on your favorite team, who would it be? 
Max Talbot, cause I feel like he'd be hilarious and fun to meet, or Brooks Orpik, cause he's my fav
16) What would you do if your favorite hockey team showed up at your house? 
I would be so happy! I'd probs bake for them cause I love to bake and play video games with them and such
17) Do you want to go to every arena in the NHL?
that would be a fun trip to do with my dad or brother.
18) If your best friend invited you to a game & you already had plans, what would you do? 
I'd rearrange my plans and go the game
19) Do you dislike anyone on your team? 
Kunitz and Goligoski, I'm sure they're nice guys, but they are terrible with the team on the ice. Trade them.
20) How excited are you for the new season? (On a scale from 1-10) 
Super Duper, like 87 :)
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