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A Work Of ART

Something NEW & EXCITING Is HAPPENING! PLEASE READ below CAREFULLY before joining the contests! Old group name: Totally Fantasy You may continue to submit your Fantasy ART! CONTEST INSTRUCTIONS: You will be creating "A Work Of Art" So others will see your set in progress each day! Only you will know what the finished set will look like! Or will you?? My sets never come out as originally planned... so you never know! Everyone starts off with the same featured item (unique to each contest) The first day you will add the featured item + 1 more item of your choice READ GROUP ANNOUNCEMENT TO KNOW WHAT DAY THE CONTEST IS ON & HOW MANY ITEMS TO ADD!!!! Then each day you EDIT your set by adding 1 more item of your choice So by the end of week 1 (Seven Days) You will have 8 Items (The featured item + 7 items that you added each day) See SAMPLE Here: http://www.polyvore.com/sample_set_let_it_snow/set?id=214528028 By the end of 3 weeks you will have a completed Work Of Art! Your set should have 22 items (1 featured item +21 items from each day). It will be fun & interesting to see the final set from start to finish. See SAMPLE here: http://www.polyvore.com/lovely_snow_day/set?id=214410126 Rules & FAQ: You can: add the featured item + 1 item on the 1st day! READ GROUP ANNOUNCEMENT TO KNOW WHAT DAY THE CONTEST IS ON & ITEMS TO ADD!!!! You can: only add 1 item for each day after that You can: use an item more than once but it must be counted You can: enlarge or reduce items each day to fit other items in You can: move items around each day to position them better Q: How do I edit my set on the next day? A: Go to your profile, open your set, click edit, add 1 item, click publish Q: What do I do if I join after the contest started? A: If it's day 2 of the contest: add the featured item + 2 items If it's day 4 of the contest: add the featured item + 4 items etc. Q: How do I know how many days since the contest started? A: READ GROUP ANNOUNCEMENT: I will post a reminder each day & how many Q: What if I can't or forget to edit my set each day A: Add items for days missed but try to keep up Q: The edits to my set are not showing up? A: Don't worry if the edits don't show on the contest page (we will click on sets to see your changes) Some APPS show edits on the contest page Like phones & tablets. Some computers do not. Please contact me if you have questions! Or if there's anything you don't understand before you get started :) Contact: Trish (itsablingthing) Thanks for reading... now come join our contests & have fun!!! * Let us know if you like this type of contest If all goes well I have a lot more fun ideas!
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Moderator Announcement itsablingthing Posted 6 hours ago
CONTEST UPDATE - PLEASE READ: TODAY IS DAY 17= 1 FEATURED ITEM + 17 ITEMS OF YOUR CHOICE! Beautiful sets on the contest... everyone is doing a great job! We hope you're enjoying this new type of contest. Please READ these announcements EACH DAY! And if you're joining today... be sure to read the CONTEST INSTRUCTIONS on the home page. Then ADD: FEATURED ITEM + 17 ITEMS OF YOUR CHOICE! Thanks & Have fun! Trish & Jeannie :)

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