The world can't end until we finish.

Hey Guys,
So this date officially changed my life of my 14 year old self. The 26th of February my boyfriend of 3 months ended it with me. It's been hard, so much can happen in a much. We went from speaking everyday to never even saying hey to each other in the school halls. It's difficult. For both of us.
Today going to be a calm day for me I think. my life has been crazy over the past 4 months. I've lost a lot in my life and lost even more trust in people. My family isn't s family anymore. I've lost faith in myself and a lot of my friends. I've gained people in my life and some have just made my life hell. I've given my whole world to someone in 3 months and lost them 1 month ago today.
Life's not easy.
I'll write tonight
But remember,
Life moves on.
Lulu x

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Wrote three years ago
Thank you @youngandinfinitexo I hope so, I really do <3 ♥
Much Love to you x

Wrote three years ago
I hope you're okay <3
You'll make it through, you will.
Time will only heal you.


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