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June 23, 2013

Song of the day: I Want Crazy - Hunter Hayes

Um so on Friday, I had a doctor's appointment in the city so I went into the city, right? And so I always go by train, and on Friday I happened to have like 30 minutes to kill at Grand Central while waiting for my train, and I got a smoothie and was just kinda sitting there doing nothing and then went home, whatever, you know. Then when I'm home I check Instagram like I always do, and I see that Kendall Jenner was in Grand Central!!! Like whaaaaat? And there I was with nothing to do! I always miss opportunities like that! Like last year I found out that I missed Megan and Liz when we were in Times Square at the same time! Sigh.

Anyway. Man, I love this song. I don't know why, but I always feel in a country music mood during the summer. Try the Taylor Swift playlist on Pandora, people. It's awesome because it's not too country but has the perfect amount of country for a country music enthusiast but not true fan like me haha. If that makes any sense. I don't really like country music, like especially the really really country sound, but I don't know... Sometimes I'm just feeling it, ya know? 

(And this is coming kinda late, but...) Ah I'm so happy that Danielle won The Voice! And how cool is it that she got to sing with Hunter??? So cool. Caroline is still my favorite, though. But since she got out, good for Danielle! I can't believe she's younger than me though. My gosh.

Anyway. How have your weekends been? I moved into the apartment I'll be living in this summer. That was a little exhausting. And now my parents just left and I'm all alone wahhhh :'( Well, my twin's here with me, but I might as well be alone haha. I don't get that when people are like "But you're with your twin!" To me that's the same as being alone because we're kind of the same person haha. Trust me, it's not the same thing as being with a friend.

Lol I'm watching this Vince Vaughn movie I've never even heard of, "The Dilemma", and Channing Tatum is in it. Love that guy. 

Okay gonna go find something to eat for lunch now. 

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