ll Until You're Mine- Demi Lovato ll
Brushing some golden bronzer onto my already sculpted cheekbones, I snapped shut the Nars compact, gazing into the magnified mirror intently before slipping my angled brush into its container. I grab a frosty pink lipstick and slide it over my lips, smacking them together and throwing it into my golden envelope clutch, then standing up, my barefoot pedicured feet sinking into the carpet. It was nearing seven. Caleb should be here soon to walk me to the dinner. 

Brooklyn and Lana already left, both at separate times. Lana departed after Brooklyn and her had some kind of an argument. What the fight was about, I have no idea but I know that there was a lot of shouting, screaming, and maybe even a few thrown objects, and the other girls down the hall say that they could hear it as well, so it must've been bad. I blocked it out though, my headphones on with the comforting sounds of Taylor Swift blasting through them to drown out the background noise of their scuffle. I had no clue what it was about, but I intended to find out once we met up at the dinner.

Speaking of no clues, I still wasn't sure exactly what I thought of Caleb. I appreciated his kindness and hospitality towards me. He took me in, making me feel at him win this strange, unfamiliar place. But did I have… feelings for him? I don't know. I also didn't know whether this was a date… did he think of it as that? Or did he just think he was doing poor little me a favor? I wasn't sure. And as I heard two knocks, I knew then that I might be getting my answer shortly. I quickly slipped two feet into my sparkly sandals standing tall in them and grabbing my clutch, taking a final gaze in the mirror to admire my glowy makeup and glossy waves. I opened the door, looking to see Caleb, standing there in a nice shirt and tie, along with tuxedo pants. He looked flawless, effortless without looking sloppy. Someone had taught him to dress well. Brooklyn, perhaps?

"Hey," I say looking at him. "You look nice," I say shyly, watching as his yes trail up and down me, from my blush colored one shoulder dress to the embellished shoes and clutch I was sporting. I felt my cheeks blush bright pink. 

"You do too," He smiles back at me and I take a step outwards, shutting my dorm door, and looking at him. "Ready?" 

"Ready," I say as I look at him. he offers me his arm and I take it gladly, beginning to walk with him. The dinner was being hosted in one of their ballrooms across campus, but I don't mind walking, although my feet will beg to differ. Still though, as long as I can just be with Caleb and talk to him and just be around him, then nothing else in the world mattered. 

"So, does PCA do this every year? Or is this special just because there's girls actually going here now?" I chuckle, looking up at Caleb. Even with heels on, he's still taller than me. But then again, I am quite petite, so anyone is taller than me really. 

"They do it every year but this year it's a bit more important since there's girls here… we have to make it a bit more welcoming, since you're all new." He informs me and I nod. 

"Do you think it was a good choice? I mean, letting girls in PCA?" 

"I think it was… sometimes being around guys can get tiring… all you can do is talk about the same stuff… with girls, you have more topics… it's just… easier, I guess," He explains. 

I nod, "I get what you mean," I smile. "Girls can be a little bit… er… dramatic… with guys there's just no strings attached…" I shrug. 

"Exactly," He nods, as we walk across campus. The sun has already set, but it's not pitch dark yet. More like a very pale, faded blue, like light wash denim across the sky. The moon looks down on us flashing us with bright white light that guides our pathway. 
Finally, after walking for awhile in silence, we reach the ballroom and he opens the door for me, "Thanks," I say as I step in, one foot in front of the other as I look at the cheesily lit ballroom. Yellow lights have been strung all around, circle tables set up along with a buffet with gourmet food. It did look cute though, and looking past the ballroom and outside to the little terrace, where I can see a gazebo and a tiny garden set perfectly in place. 

"It looks so nice," I say, looking around. Caleb agrees with a nod, and he looks around. "Wanna get a drink?" 

I nod, "Yeah," I smile, following him over to the bar. They've been wise enough to have a bartender, and not make it self serve… if it was self serve, I definitely knew that most of the girls here would definitely be helping themselves to some vodka in their Cokes.
Caleb gets me a glass of Coke, along with him getting himself one. "Thanks," I say, taking the glass gladly and taking a sip. I was definitely going to need the caffeine to get through the night.

There was teachers and staff all around, talking to each other and talking to some of the new girls. But I knew that even if we thought they weren't looking, that in reality, they were watching us all like hawks. And they were right to. 

"Do you want to go out on the terrace? All of the teachers here are kinda suffocating me," Caleb says, tugging on his collar for emphasis. 

I giggle, smiling, "Sure," I say as he takes my hand, leading the way to the little doorway, and then outside. It's actually pretty warm outside, despite it being nearly winter.
We walk over to the little gazebo where we stand near the railing. I smile looking up at him, "I'm really glad you asked me to come…" I muse. 

"I'm glad you came," He says. "And not even just tonight, but just… coming to PCA. I'm glad I met you." 

I look at him thoughtfully, trying to carefully place out what I was going to say, "I'm glad I met you too," 

And as those words came out of my mouth, a surge of butterflies flew around my stomach… and just like that, I had my answer. 

We stay in the little gazebo for awhile, randomly musing to one another and watching as a bright orange and pink wash fades over the California sky, the sun fully dripping down below the horizon. The mountains and valleys are enlightened by the glow of the sky. 
It's perfection at its finest. I've never seen something so beautiful. But soon, the temperature drops and we huddle inside, teeth chattering, my skinny legs rubbing against each other to produce heat.

Once inside, we realized that dinner really was full. Kids swirling around the ice in their cups mischievously, teachers talking amongst one another, straightening their ties while keeping an eye out for the students. I spotted Brooklyn talking to someone, a slick smile on her face as she too, swirls the ice around in her dark soda. 

"So… Brooklyn's your sister?" I ask, looking to Caleb while taking a sip of my own drink.

Caleb nods, "Yeah… how'd you know?" 

"Well, besides for the striking resemblance," I chuckle. "She's also my roommate and was curious as to the guy I befriended," I smile. 

"Yeah, I love her to death," He smiles. "Enjoy her as your roommate… she can get quite entertaining sometimes," 

"I'll be sure to keep that in mind," I say with a giggle. 

Just then, Brooklyn looks over at us, winking at Caleb and I before excusing herself from the person and sauntering over to us. "Hey," She smiles at us. "Enjoying your date little brother?" She chuckles. 

Caleb blushed bright red and I took this as a time to giggle myself. "Enjoy Jessica, little brother," She remarked, patting him on the back, "She's a keeper," She winks before whisking away and now it's my turn to blush. I chuckle a bit, finishing off my drink. "I'm gonna get another drink," I excuse myself, walking over to the bar and ordering another Coke. While I'm waiting I look over at Caleb. He's standing there, patiently waiting for me and I smile. Did Brooklyn really mean what she said? Was I really a keeper? Does Caleb even think about me in that way, anyways? All of these questions, and no answers laid out for me.

I get my Coke, making my way back to Caleb, just as we're announced to go to our directed tables. "Ready?" He asks, grabbing my open hand. 

"Ready," I answer. 

There's a speech, then finally the dinner which was fantastic. I make some small talk with some of the other girls, meet a few other guys, and it's nice to say the least but finally it ends and as the ballroom empties, Caleb and I head out, walking across the terra-cotta colored walkway back to room 101. 

Once at the door, I just look at him, smiling. "Thanks for taking me tonight… it was nice," I say looking at his perfect face. 

"Thanks for coming," He says looking at me expectantly. 

"No problem," I grin. It's in that one second that he just leans in, kissing my cheek. It's a quick and simple action. I wasn't expecting it but it's so sweet, I can't help but love it. 
"What was that for?" I ask, biting my lip with a smile. 

"You're a good friend, you know that?" 

"Now I do," I chuckle before pulling him in for a hug. 

We break away from the embrace and I look at him. "Good night, Caleb," I say and he just nods before I disappear beyond my door, a grin permanently plastered to my face as I lean against the door, ready to die from happiness.

"What're you so happy about?" Brooklyn's voice knocks me out of my state of content and I look over at her on the bottom bunk. 

"Nothing," I reply, taking off my heels and throwing my clutch onto my single bed as I sit down on it. 

"Ooh, did you guys kiss?" She asks, lying on her stomach and holding her face in her two hands. 

"No," I blush. 

"Oh my gosh, you totally did!" She squeals jokingly, looking at me. 

"It was on the cheek," 

"Still a kiss," She shrugs looking at me with one eyebrow raised. 

"On. The. Cheek," I grin, blushing beneath my makeup. 

"I think he likes you," She smiles, then making her way over to my bed, sitting down on it, right next to me. "Do you like him?" 

"I…" I shrug. "Yeah…" I bite my lip. "But I'm not sure if he likes me, you know? He could just see this as a totally friendly gesture," 

"Or he could /like/ you," Brooklyn suggests. "I could find out," She offers. 

"Do you think he'll really tell you?" I ask. 

"Please, I'm his big sister, he'll tell me anything," She smiles. 

"Thanks, Brooklyn," I smile. "I mean it." 

"It's whatever," She shrugs. "He probably does like you though… I can tell just by the way he looks at you," She says before getting up from my bed and plopping down on her own, covering herself with her comforter. 
And that was that. It was all said and done but I knew now that I was going to get my answer… and it was going to be soon.
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