Today is my best friend's birthday we're friend since we were young becoz our parents were friends.
he is only one guy friend in my life that we can talk to anything (dont get it wrong idea we're 100% just friend) i'm not get easy comfort when some guys comes around but he is an exception haha<3 
and we went out to have dinner together on his birthday&this year is once for awhile i guess it was in 3 years since we've celebrate his bday together i am such a bad friend.

Last few months ago i told you that i reviewed watches on PV stores yep,that watch i bought i just gave it to him.
so many ppl in my real life were born on this month including my big bro his b-day is on next 2 weeks and yes his birthday present will be watch too.

Just came back from dinner@Thai Restuarant our regular meeting place and still not enough with Thai noodle,but today food we ate totally spicy than before. i have witness my friend cried.maybe it because i gave him a gift not from spicy food lol~

And this set will be an example for topic "noodle,ramen" contest in my AIM group ,info will put under info contest soon.

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