Hey There Delilah- Plain White T's
i just love this song. so stinking much.

okay, i am horrible. i haven't made a set for what is it? 13 days? for me that is a long time.
i feel super duper bad about it (crap did i really just say super duper? whatever i won't delete it so you can see my point)
but i am back!!!

okay this will probably be long. so either scroll down and ignore it or prepare yourself :V

one of the reasons i was gone was because i was at the beach!
for 8 days.
the other 5 i have no idea what i was doing. probably a lot of tumblr. i'm becoming a bit of an addict *guilty*

but i'm trying to make more sets. trust me.

the beach was loads of fun- i was at the jersey shore (and no i didn't see the cast of the jersey shore- though i did go to seaside for a day)
my aunt has a beach house down there and we rented an apartment a few blocks over...but anyway, it was a blast.

the best part was that in the morning all i had to do was throw on a bikini, a tank top, flip flops, and hit the beach for the ocean.
speaking of the ocean- i really wish i took more pictures. it was so pretty i love the water.

and my friend allana came with us on our trip so it was even better to have someone there my age.
my cousins are all younger than i am, my sisters age so that was good.

but overall it was a blast- we just had fun :)
made a few....interesting....memories to put it nicely but i won't even get into detail. let's just say they looked like one direction. well. sort of.


and also did you guys see the opening olympic ceremony?! it was wacky. and incredible. i literally was in tears when sir paul mccartney sang. i just feel it's amazing that one person can have such an impact. i mean, he brought together an entire world. A WORLD.
and also another thing that makes me emotional (the weirdest things do, i swear there's something wrong) are all the commercials! they just make me so sad and happy and everything, i don't even know. so many feels.

and also voldemort is back.
call harry.
we need help.

some people i love: @camiiiii @mackleehill @ohwell-rachel @green-jello @auzziea @ladyoftheflowers @xmellbell @thesanja @darcy-directioner @thestrawberryswing @dobroslawaandrzejewska and everyone else!
i've missed you guys- you're all fabulous- as always :)
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