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1. Your response to a cheesy pick up line? 
I get a lot of these where I live so usually I just ignore it. That is something that really annoys me when I’m tired and just want to go home. Of course it depends of where I am, my mood…

2. Things you'll do in a midlife crisis? 
Travelling, that is my favorite thing to do. Discovering new places, meet new people really makes me happy. Besides, I think it is a good way to realise there are other people in the world that have it worse and that I should try to be happy with what I have.

3. A movie title for the story of your life?
Tough question. I’m thinking of a movie I saw about YSL , it was a really moving movie about his life with his lifelong partner, Pierre Bergé. The movie is called « L’amour fou ». 

4. What TV show would you live in?
I think I would love to live in the world of New Girl. I’m sure I could get used to live with 3 hilarious guys and I know for certain that Winston and I would be best friends ! 

5. Pet peeve of yours?
I hate it when people crack their fingers, I can’t stand it and I yell at the person who did it even if I don’t know them really well.

6. 3 most played songs on your ipod?
Ashes to ashes – David Bowie
Old School – 2Pac
Lonely Boy – The Black Keys

7. What are some ocd like habits of yours?
I always count the steps when I’m going up the stairs and I can’t take the first slice of bread in the package, I odn’t know why, I’m weird.

8. You wouldn't be caught dead, where?
Hum I don’t know, probably a place or humans aren’t respected like they should.

9. What do you miss most about being a kid?
The innocence. When you are a kid you don’t see the fights, the lies, the horror that you see when you grow-up. I wish some people could see more often with child eyes and be amazed by the simplest things.

10. Guilty pleasure?
Musicals and BB Brunes songs (a french band).

11. What will it say on your tombstone?
Hum, I never thought of that, I would like a very simple thing, I don’t know I won’t be here to see it so I don’t really care honestly. I am atheist and I don’t believe in an after-death life so…

My questions :

1. Do you have any special talent ?
2. Where is the place where you eel like home an nothing bad can happen to you ?
3. What is your favorite pair of shoes you own ?
4. What was the last book you read ?
5. What was the last movie you saw ?
6. Who is the person you who confide in ?
7. What are you favorite band/singer ?
8. What is your oldest memory ?
9. Where will you be in a year ?
10. How do you feel about today’s society (worldwide) ?
11. How do you feel today ?

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wonderful outfit, I love all details here! :)

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so pretty♥

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Wrote three years ago
@sophiesb Thank you ! you're welcome. can't wait to see your answers :)


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