name: alaska 'ally' jane de sauveterre 
age: 20
birthday: december 14th
quote or lyric to describe you character: “Writing a book is a very lonely business. You are totally cut off from the rest of the world, submerged in your obsessions and memories” - Mario Vargas Llosa
likes: thick novels, libraries, france, sci-fi, long hair, summer, hammocks, raspberry muffins, satchels, sweet scented perfume, lip balm, pancakes, cardigans
dislikes: coffee, waffles, fake tan, cigarette smoke, being treated poorly, bananas, tents, bad hair days, liars, her family, loud music, blind dates
major: french language and literature
bio: Alaska's the girl of Theta House that is quiet and reserved; many question why the beauty chooses to barely speak. There is a reason for Ally's choice to keep her thoughts and opinions to herself and only speaking when necessery; as a young girl she had always been second best to the golden child. Always pushed aside or ignored, her incredible grade and high honours didn't phase her parents either, moulding Ally into the girl that she is to this day. She buries herself in thick novels, mostly sci-fi, in attempts to ignore the world that had seemingly pushed her away. Alaska's hobby led her into the world of novel writing; story after story, book after book, she became intrigued by the control she had as she was aware that after she had put down the pen, it would all fade. People don't know of her stories, as Alaska doesn't truly believe it's a gift. Being at Brown University is a dream come true for Alaska, not only has it given her the ability to escape her parents but she's met some wonderful girls, yet she remains cautious of what she says and does, simply a bad habit. Fingers crossed this bad habit can be broken because Ally's almost 21 and her close friends of Theta House are now trying to break her free; release the true Ally and perhaps, find her that one 'true love.' 
model: crystal reed

friday 31st of august, 2012;

"Alaska, I will take that book off you if you don't listen to me" Aria warned though the wide smile on her face said otherwise and gave her away almost instantly. "I'll have to punish you" she giggled, laying across the picnic rug to peer into the novel I held securely in my grip.
"Punish me?" I spoke in my typical hush tone, "are you 19 going on 12?" I questioned whilst keeping my eyes glued to the novel; it had suddenly become intense. There was no way I could stop reading now, Aria was insane!
"Yes, punish you" Aria grinned, sitting up slowly and slapping my ass. I didn't like that she had taken advantage of how I was laying; I was comfortably resting on my stomach, resting my elbows on the rug.
"Dat booty" Aria grinned, resting on Liam as she sat with her legs crossed. She was lucky she had chosen to wear jeans today otherwise I would have had a view that Liam would have been jealous of.
"Aria, please stop" I begged quietly, attempting to at least finish my page but that was impossible when Aria leant over and swiped the book out of my grasp. "Aria" I whined, sitting up and being cautious of my dress.
"We're all going to play soccer and you'll be joining us" Aria stated whilst Liam nodded, backing up his girlfriend entirely. Must he do that all the time?
"Can I just watch?" I frowned, pushing a stray hair out of my face and pushing it behind my ear.
"No-" Aria paused, "fine but you have to watch. Don't just read or I'm taking this book off you for the rest of the day" she warned.
"Fine" I nodded; I watched as Liam and Aria stood, joining our group of friends. Well, the people were most their friends but they were nice enough to include me. 
The game of soccer had become serious and at that point it had also become a bore. I was tempted to reach for the novel that taunted me, calling my name but I couldn't risk it being taken off me.
What was I .. five?
I turned back to where the group continued to play and most of the boys had stripped themselves of their shirt. Aria's eyes were basically falling out of her head as she stared at her shirtless boyfriend, dribbling the ball.
The sight wouldn't draw my attention usually but this time it did.
He drew my attention.

"You totally cheated" Liam spoke, rolling his eyes as he approached the picnic rug I still sat on. He had his shirt hanging on his shoulder, ball in one hand and his other arm wrapped around Aria.

"I didn't cheat" Scott spoke shortly after Liam, running a hand through his hair as he held onto his shirt. "I can't help it if I'm too skilled for you" he grinned.

"Skilled? My ass your skilled" Liam picked up a water bottle that leant against Aria's handbag. 

"You're a winner to me" Aria smirked, kissing Liam's cheek after he had almost finished the entire bottle of water.

"And you want to know what?" Scott questioned but to nobody in particular; basically it was to anyone who had chosen to listen. "I'm not just skilled when it comes to soccer" he smirked.

"Shut up, Scott" Aria rolled her eyes and beginning to get smoochy with Liam. It was adorable in books but when it was directly in front of me; no thank-you. 

I took hold of the novel that had been taken off me, stood and adjusted my dress. "I'm going back to my dorm" I said and began to walk off, not waiting for a reply.

It caught my attention that I could hear the soft thumping of foot steps coming from behind me, causing me to abruptly stop in my tracks and turn around.

"Hey" Scott spoke, he seemed a little out of puff though he smiled. "Did you enjoy the game?" he asked.

I didn't know what to tell him exactly but I managed to find my words, "It looked alright." I shrugged a little, biting my bottom lip.

"You're not the sporty type, are you?" he asked; I replied with a shake of my head, my wavy hair brushing against my shoulders.

"Maybe, I could teach you how to play?"

It seemed like a nice offer but I couldn't help but let a laugh escape my lips.

The idea was ludacris.
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