Let me spin you a tale of youth in despair
A small maiden with raven dark hair
Family in turmoil, clan torn apart
A brother, a mother, a daughter, one heart...

--- ◆ ☩ ◆ ----

Name: Mariska Böröcz
Stage name: “The Crazy Hungarian Gypsy”
Age: 21
Specialty: Dancer, Fortune Teller, Prostitute
Bio: A character shrouded in mystery, no one quite knows when this thick-accented beauty showed up in the US. However she has definitely made her presence known. Boisterous, haphazard, obnoxious, and often times scary as hell Mariska is a crazy son of a b*tch. One thing is certain she is a great ally, but a terrible enemy. Her combat specialties are knives, and poison; however she is smart enough to know not to bring just knives to a gun fight. Mariska is also famous for her fortune telling, let her read your palm or tarot cards...however just pray you do not get the card of death. 
Model: Marina Perez
Taken by: @esprit-de-escalier
-Combat Specialities: Knives, Poison, and Pistols
Showcase: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/collection?id=1310738


You may know the infamous 'Crazy Hungarian Gypsy' of Voodoo Mama's but before her stage persona she was young and lost little Mariska Böröcz. Mariska was born to a large gypsy coven that traveled the Hungarian countryside. While the clan was large, and many were outside relatives; her immediate family was smaller. Her father, mother, grandmother, and younger brother Abel, shared two large carts that traveled with the caravan. It was a secluded but carefree life. Mariska has fond memories of helping her mother and learning to dance and tell stories. However she was also taught to survive. Her father was an expert with a knife, the best in the village. He taught Mariska to both entertain and fight with a dagger. 

Life at this point was perfect, well perfect for a gypsy girl, however it all began to fall apart shortly after Mariska turned thirteen. The Hungarian military began secretly disbanding gypsy and vagabond groups as part of a radical underground cleansing program. Mariska's clan was the hardest hit, some members rebelled against militants causing a violent outbreak. Mariska's father was brutally shot right before his family's eyes. She remembers wiping his warm blood from her face. Mariska's mother managed to grab a secret stash of money she had been saving for years. She narrowly managed to escape with her children and used the money to send Mariska, her brother , and grandmother to America. It was the last time Mariska saw her mother, and before leaving the dock her mother gifted her her father's pack of antique knives. From that day on she knew she was no longer a child. 

Mariska and what was left of her family arrived in Phantom City a short time later. With little money they lived in a run-down hole in the wall, and Mariska performed on the side of the road for money. She actually did fairly well, her unique dancing was something foreign on these streets. But as usual tragedy followed, four years later when she was only seventeen her grandmother died. Now it was just her and her brother on the mean streets on Phantom City. Luckily though Mariska had hardened and learned a thing or two while begging on the pavement. Mariska stole, cheated, and fought whenever she had to, but she always made sure her brother was never exposed to it. Mariska also kept dancing on the streets, and by this time she was eighteen, no longer a child but a beautiful woman. Needless to say her intoxicating dancing began attracting male attention, even some of Moretti's men. She realized exploiting men's pleasure was a great way to gain money so while still street dancing, she began selling her-self freelance. Her talents, and unique personality were becoming somewhat of an urban legend and it was not long until it reached the ears of Mama LeFay.

Now Mama is a smart lady and she realized instead of having this girl as independent competition, she would bring her unique style of gypsy dancing, and other talents into Voodoo Mamas. Mama was impressed that this girl could not only seduce but if you did not pay up you would get a knife in the back. Needless to say Mariska was happy for the job, and even more grateful when her brother was given a job as well. Mariska was given a show that incorporated a seductive gypsy dance, and even sometimes included daring knife feats. You can also find her betweens after her shows if you want your fortune told, another gypsy talent. 

It has been three years since she first arrived, and Mariska has become widely popular, but her frank and violent attitude has gained her enemies in and outside Voodoo Mamas. Love is not a central focus for her because it interferes with dancing and most importantly her private clients. However there has been one man who has come the closest to stealing her heart, Mr. Harry 'Diablo' Nolan is just as fiery as her and that is where the attraction comes from. Neither has admitted their feelings for the other, it is unspoken and they realize circumstances keep them apart at the moment. He does stop in for private visits now again...no charge. 

--- ◆ ☩ ◆ ----

*Side-note Mariska's brother Abel is a new love interest open for reservation!

Abel Böröcz (Marcel Castenmiller), 19
Bio: Abel is the younger brother of Mariska, however he does not have a rep like the 'Crazy Hungarian Gypsy'. While Mariska is loud, tough, and temperamental; Abel is quiet, shy, and charming. Abel and Mariska were a package deal when she first arrived at Voodoo Mama's, so he was given a job working stage-lighting for the shows. Sometimes you can see scaling the rafters above the stage, always hidden by darkness. Just get this boy in the light though and you will see behind those sensitive eyes is a boy who has been through much in his life. Also unlike many of the other young men around town, Abel has managed to stay out of trouble and crime, probably due to his protective older sister, however with the way things are going we will see how long his pure streak lasts.

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