Ok, this is for a very close friend of mine x) I'm sure as soon as you look at this you'll know that it's for you! 
Hannah [Harry Potter & Lord of the Rings], my crazy insane friend, this is obviously for you! 
I know you love Tom, and I would have added Evan Lynch too, but it didn't go with the set. 
I hope you like it! If you don't, just tell me and I'll make you a better one. 
The only reason I used purple was because it matched the shirt he was wearing, I would have used blue and bronze if it had matched.
Love you!
And I'll make you an icon any time xD 
Oh! By the way, the song is by him too. He has a really good voice! It's very natural and original, I love his accent too. Because normally british singers' accents normally don't slip through, but his does! 

Well, I got Harry Potter and the half blood prince. I know it's really close to Christmas but I really wanted to buy it. Plus I got it for $10 at Target, I love Target... it's what makes my world go round (not really).
It was also my favorite movie out of the entire series so far. 
It got me in the HP mood.
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