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name: Bernadette Fischer
age: 20
hood: Nob Hill
style: old prep influenced, heavily trendy, lots of colour
school/job: Portland/Blazers dancer
bio: A really-small-town girl thrown into a world completely foreign to her, Bernadette is learning how to live all over again. After a sheltered childhood marked by religion and resistance to change, she spent a year volunteering for local charities before packing up and moving to Portland for college, taking a job as a Blazers dancer to pay her way. Berni is innocent and charming, which means she tends to have a pack of male admirers that she’s completely oblivious to, but her innocence may not last long in the new world she’s been thrown into.
model: Anya Summers

1. Tell me a little about yourself. What are your interests, hobbies, etc. 
Hi! I’m Berni, from Prairie City, a tiny little town in Oregon that’s a lot different to Portland. I just moved here last year for college, and I love it! It’s so much bigger, and there’s so much more to do. I’ve always been a dancer, so I got a job here with the Blazers dancers, which seems to be a pretty popular thing. I think I’m definitely the most... naive of them all, though. We’ve only been together a while but we’re a tight-knit group, I love spending time with them, though I don’t go out as much as they do. Apart from that... I like hanging around my sharehouse in the Northwest and playing with my dog, reading, and exploring everything in Portland.

2. Everyone has a past. What’s yours? 
Like I said, I come from a small town. My parents were super religious – my dad was the local preacher – and I kind of went along with it for a while, but since I moved I’ve been questioning a lot of things. Not that I’ve gone wild or anything... but I’ve definitely had a lot of new experiences. I loved high school and all my friends back home, but Prairie City just got a little too small for me.

3. Why did you sign up to be a part of the documentary?
Because I think it’ll give me a few new experiences, and introduce me to a lot of different people. It’d also be a kind of way to document my new life in here in Portland... hopefully people will find it interesting in some way.



Nat’s voice rang up the stairs, pulling me awake from my afternoon nap. Yawning, I stretched out my limbs, warm from bathing in the afternoon sun that was streaming through my window. The door onto the balcony was open, and Scout had curled up in a spot of sunshine, taking his own nap.

“Come on, puppy,” I said softly, scooping him up in my arms. He too yawned, pawing at his eyes.

Downstairs, the kitchen and living room were full of exotic smells and the sounds of my housemates yelling over each other. Otto stood, king of the kitchen, presiding over plates as he dished out the nightly meal. Though he’d been working as a chef for a few years, he still used his housemates as a testing ground for new recipes or things that he wanted to perfect. It was definitely one of the perks of living in a sharehouse like this.

Alina was sitting at the table, sighing over a text she was reading, a glass of wine dangling from her other hand. I poured myself some orange juice and took a seat next to her.

“Love problems?” I asked, interpreting her slightly melodramatic expressions.

“God, you don’t even know,” she groaned. It was something I heard time and time again.

“Weren’t you seeing a new girl this week?”

Natalie laughed, sitting down next to us. “God, Berni, you’re so behind. I think it was like two or three new girls this week?”

“I’m not a slu.t,” Alina screeched. “Only one! And she just bailed on me for the second time in the past four days. I’m so over it... aren’t you meant to be hooking me up with some of your friends?”

I furrowed my brow, trying to remember what I’d promised her when I was tipsy last week. “You mean the dancers?”

“Yeah... I want a Blazers dancer,” she said, licking her lips. “They’re all super hot. Just send me any.”

“I don’t know if any of them are...” I trailed off, biting my lip.

Alina raised an eyebrow. “Lesbian? You can say the word, Berni, it’s not offensive.”

I blushed. “Sorry.”

Otto interrupted us, placing plates full of steaming risotto on the table and rattling off a list of the ingredients. I picked out a piece of pumpkin, feeding it to Scout, who was sitting on my lap.

“Don’t feed the dog at the table,” Otto scolded me.

“But he’s so cute! And he wants food. He wants to be a part of the family,” I said, holding Scout up in front of me and waving his paws at Otto while I made puppy dog eyes. He sighed, shaking his head.

“While we’re kind of on the topic... I think you promised you’d introduce me to your dancer friends, too.”

“I’m not like their pimp!”

“Come on, Berni,” Otto said, holding out his hands pleadingly. “We need to meet some hot Blazers dancers.”

“I’m right here!” I protested. Everyone laughed.

“You’re way too innocent for Otto’s needs,” Jason informed me. “It feels dirty to think of you like that.”

Natalie looked at him incredulously. “Like how?”

“Like... a dancer! Like the rest of them!”

“Hey, be nice to the virgin,” Alina said, pointing her fork at him. Again, my housemates burst into laughter, as they always did whenever my lack of sex life was mentioned. I blushed, bending down and burying my head in Scout’s super soft fur.

Alina winked at me. “It’s alright, babe. Living in this house, you’ll be corrupted soon enough.”

@the-wild-things story up! and can i reserve matt lanter?
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